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by Smeg
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Its own clothes day at Angels school.
Angel had an own clothes day at school. She wore her blue jeans and a red t-shirt, the t-shirt had a rainbow on. Angel was wearing really nice nike trainers. Veronica, the school bully was wearing exactly the same clothes as Angel, even the same trainers.
Angel thought to herself "what if veronica bought her clothes in the same shop as her that would be really embarassing". Everyone started to laugh at Angel, even her friends, even all the teachers started laughing. Angel was extremelly sad and embarassed now. She ran into the the girls toilets and started crying really loudly. Her friend, Sally ran in after her and said that everyone was wasn't laughing at her everyone was laughing at Veronica because she looked fat in her clothes and Angel looked lovely in her clothes. So Angel started laughing. Angel went into the lunchall to join all her friends. Veronica came up to Angel and apoligised. Angel just said "next time just shop in a different place to her".
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