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It's not a typical resolution. I'm not typical.
Dear Me,

         I know it seems odd to resolve to chill out. The truth is you need it. You might have a lot you want to do, but you're gonna kill yourself if you don't relax a bit. Yes, yes, I hear you asking what relaxation is and how to do it. This letter is a virtual bucket of cold water to the face. Why? I'm telling you to give some things up. Here are some things you need to stop doing so you can do what you really want in life.

         The biggie is on Writing.com. You finally admitted to yourself last year that your site involvement is causing you trouble onsite and off. It's making a dent in your real life, and that's not something you can afford.Now is the time to cut back. June is the last month you'll be writing any newsletters. When June arrives, you will stop without question. On a similar note, stick to your self demotion deadline. I know people like to air their site gripes with you, and it gives you ideas for improving the site. You need it chill out in regards to this. It's causing a lot of stress for you. What makes you think the literal headaches (yes, the ones that merit Advil), shaking when you log on and sinus pressure is worth it? Your status as a leader is not in doubt. However, since you always think it is, you're banging your head against the wall trying to prove yourself wrong. There will be no more of that this year. Consider transferring one of the activities you lead. A lot of the problems that aggravate you come from these activities. It doesn't help that because you can't resolve everything yourself it makes you a less than adequate leader. Such an attitude compounds your stress and saps your motivation to do just about anything else with your life. You already have such a transition in mind for one activity, so finding a solid leader should be a priority in the next two or three months. Sure, it's risky. There's a price to pay for taking a load off your shoulders, and it's worth it. Reducing your stress is, after all, the whole point of this year. In the long run, this will make things easier for you.

         You also need to chill out in offline matters as well. There's no need to beat yourself up over not volunteering for Al Franken's campaign. In fact, becoming active in the community of Minneapolis during a non-election year might be better for your resume. It shows a more genuine interest in improving the area in which you live. Hey, it's a lovely city, but there's always something that can be even better. You know that, and I believe acting upon that belief will make you feel a lot better.So stop angsting about your lack of involvement in 2008. Now that your mind is less cluttered and you know you have the time, you can really focus on getting involved in the community. When it comes to this area of your life, part of your problem has been getting stuck in the short term (which could be argued of Obama supporters, but that's neither here nor there). You've also been so concerned about networking it seems to freeze you in place. By volunteering (which you do like), it won't seem so intimidating or tedious. Plus, it'll help you meet some people in your neighborhood (at the very least). This will be beneficial for the long term, and you know that the long term is what matters most when it comes to your ultimate ambition: the governorship.

         Another real life area that I know is bugging you is your job. The economy might be in bad shape, but so is your morale. With the company filing Chapter 11, it might seem as if it will be a matter of time before you get laid off. It's time to be proactive and change jobs at your own will. You've already made the first step in making sure your resume is up to date. Now it's time to make the necessary adjustments and get it out there. There's no reason for you to be stuck in a dead end job in an environment that makes you unhappy. On top of that, you're constantly worrying because you don't know if you'll have enough money to cover all your expenses. You also know your skills are rusting because this job is forcing you into a role that is not a strong suit. This was a gateway job for you. Now that you are comfortable with the Twin Cities area and call it home, you can look for something new and be comfortable. You know that you aren't gaining anything from staying in this job, and that's making it harder for you to get out of bed on weekday mornings. That needs to come to an end. While finding a new job might be risky, it will give you a chance to make better money, which will make you more comfortable with the financial and emotional aspects of your life.

         Take it from me. 2009 is a year to relax so you can sort out all the clutter in your head. There's isn't too much planned for you in the way of major events, so you have a chance to kick back. Drop some stressors to make the most of it. Getting your nervous energy under control will make the future easier for you to handle. For the sake of your health and future career, chill out.

the Stik
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