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My Life...
Life isn't always as how we want it to be right..

No matter how many people you know .. and you are known by.. there are many moments where you feel all alone..

When I look at myself in the mirror now.. I see a 20 year old girl knowing that she is gettin’ older and older, day by day, time is passing without a barrier. When I turn back and look at my life.. There are many things I wish I could change.. laughs and tears.. however late wishes, regrets don't change the "happened".. It is good if you can make a lesson out of it for the present and future.. But besides that.. My life has always been full of surprises, good and bad..

I am happy and thankful for who I am now, now that I have gone through the downs. And the only reason I am breathing today is surely my faith.. We never know what future brings, or how near it is but.. I just hope that God (s.w.t) will always guide and support me and everyone else on the path of heaven..



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