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you get lost in the forest and you meet anthros creatures..
Thank you all for you interest, it's really cool of you all....

You are walking through your nearby forest when you get lost and while you are lost you meet some anthorphormophic creatures who live there.

I wrote this story through my eyes, like it was me in this sinario, telling someone else the tail that us three went through. So thats the reason for no name for the main character. Just others.

Chapter One.


I was walking through my nearby forest one hot summers day as I was bored and wanted to experience the weather. I was walking and walking until it seemed to become much darker as it was getting much more shaded. I stopped to see were I was and I could not remember which direction I came from as everywere looked the same.

I began to panic I had never been in this situation before now and I was getting quiet crosterfobic, so to try and calm myself down I desided to sit on a log of an old tree that had fallen. About an hour passed and I heard what was a russel of a bush behind me, I quickly stood up and turned to see what I thought was an half fox and half women creature eating a small bird.

I was shocked and I just couldn't understand the reasons for this, so i began to speak out wondering if it may speak any english. ''Em hello, can you speak'' I said. She looked up startled and looked me dead in the eyes until I heard a little voice say ''yes, I can speak''. I stepped back with amazment. I just couldn't stop thinking that I was the first ever person that may have discovered this creature. ''Are you alright dear'', Said the creature, ''Em not really, you see I'm lost and can't find a way out could you maybe help me'' I replied, ''No im afraid i can't I only live in this part of the forest and I don't go any further incase of been spotted.

I was a little let down as she didn't no were i could go to get out of this forest, but in a weird way that didn't seem to bother me as she was kind of calming and sweet. This calming feeling that this creature seemed to give off was really working it's tole on me and I seemed to be growing quiet effectionate towards her.

''Hi what's your name'' I Asked, ''My name is Blossum'' She Replied, ''Wow what a pritty name'' I Said, '' Were did you come from, how did you become half fox and half women'' I Asked interested, ''Well I don't exactly no, I think i've always looked like this and I think i've always lived in this forest'' She Said puzzeled. Every moment I was with her I felt myself falling for her more and more. I kind off freaked myself out as I was comming on to a fox, but in an other way it seemed normal as we were both just man and women sitting and talking to each other.

I went and sat next to her and kept talking to her about her life, what she does everyday and night and how she had kept her self secret from the public. She said that when there's more people around than normal she just simply stays in her den till everyone goes and when it quietens down she comes out and searches for pray.

I found her facinating when I just gazzed into her eyes, there was a moment when we both looked deep into each others eyes and just didn't look away. We then just gazzed and gazzed and gazzed until we had a moment of passion. She grabbed hold of me and kissed me on the lips, I was star struck when she did this and I quickly regained control and enjoyed it. We sat for ages making out on the old log of the fallen down tree. After we finished making out she got hold of my hand and led me deeper into the forest.

We ended up at what she said was her den. It was in a cave not far from were we met, It was gianormous inside. She then led me to a bed made of leaves and sticks, and pushed me to the floor. She then started to feel herself up. One hand on her breast and the other up her vegina. She was very hot, I felt slightly odd when she was doing this infront of me but I realised that she wasn't all that different to a normal girl, yeah she was a fox but who cares when she's got breasts as big as mellons and the body of a playboy bunny, what else could a guy ask for. She stopped felling her self off and then started to slowly make her way down to my cock. She then gave me the best blowjob I ever had in my entire life, and then we mad hot passionate love all night long.

The next day I woke up to find her missing I was panicing at this point thinking she was using me. I got up and got dressed and went to try and find her. I was gone about ten minutes when I heard a girl crying for help. I rushed over to where the noise was coming from to find Blossum down a real dead trap. I looked down and saw Blossum bleeding and really hurt. ''Blossum are you alright'', how the hell did this happen'' I continued, ''I was looking for some breakfast when I heard people so I ran for cover and ended up down here'' She said. I jumped into the hole and got hold of Blossum I really felt sorry for her as she was living a dangerous life, always on the run for hunters and everyday people.

I got her back to her den and started treating her wounds with what I could find from the forest. She was in so much pain, she had broken her arm and had really bad cuts to the face and her body. ''I just wanted to say I love you'' She Said caringly, ''Well I love you to, your the best creature that has ever loved me and repected me for who I am, you are amazing'' I continued. We then both stair into each others eye's one last time and shair one more kissed before she died. She was to badly injured and she had already lost a lot a blood before I found her. I chose a great spot under the old tree where we first met and burried her.

I had no were else to go as I was still lost in the forest I just walked and walked for days to see if I saw anyone that could help me. There was no one the forest was dead with activity no birds were squalking or any rabbits hopping around nothing. I then sat down where I was and fell asleep.

Later that night I was wroken up by a really perculiar scratching and snithing sound. I shot up to see two cows looking at me. They seemed to be similar as Blossum they were half animal and half human. They just staired at me wondering why I was there. ''Can I help you'' I Said Confused, ''No everything is ok, were just a bit spooked that you have seen us'' They Continued, ''Why are you both here'' I Asked, ''We were just walking by and we saw some good grass and then we saw you, we are sorry for disturbing you'' They Said.

We all sat down on the floor talking to each other about forest life, they seemed very interested in me than I was of them which I found very perculiar. ''Are you scared of us'' Said one of the cows, ''No I'm kind of used to you all now, you see I met a young fox like you two and we got on very well and she died'' I Continued, ''Oh we are so sorry was she a girl friend'' They Asked'',

''Yes she was we loved each other so much and I'm lost to what I do next, as you see I'm lost can't find my way back so have no place to go'' I Said, ''Oh you poor thing, well would you like to come back with us for the night'' They Asked Kindly, ''Are you sure, that's very kind of you'' I Replied, ''Yes of course we are, please we'll be honoured if you would come back with us'' They Said, ''Thank You'' I Replied.

I went back with the two cows to there den it was a small wooden hut made out of sticks and some foalage from the trees. ''Thank you so much for letting me stay with you'' I Said, ''Oh no problem love, please make yourself at home were just going to get something to eat okay'' They Replied, ''Yes okay thank you'' I Said happily. I sat down on a big bit of hay in the corner of the hut, it was very comfy. While the two cows were out I had a few moments to reflect on me and Blossum, were we made love and had a great time with each other. I just couldn't help myself so I cried, everytime I closed my eyes all I could see was her looking at me and that lovely worming smile on her face.

''Were back'' Said the cows, ''Oh brilliant I was getting a bit worried as you have been gone so long'' I Replied, ''Yes sorry love we got a little waylaid, we couldn't find much food'' Said one of the cow, ''Can I ask, what are your names'' I Asked, ''Oh I'm called Ruby and she is called Amy'' Replied Ruby, ''Oh lovely names'' I Said.

''We brought you some food'' Said Amy. There was quiet alot of really nice food that the Ruby and Amy had found for me, there was a rabbit and a real nice big fish from the lake. It was delitious we all had a bomfire outside the wooden hut and just talked and talked and talked.

Chapter Two
The Long Road Ahead.

The next morning came and it was a lovely day outside, so I rushed up to enjoy the weather. ''Hi good morning'' I Said Happily, ''Oh good morning love, come have some breakfast with us'' Replied Ruby, ''Oh thank you, I might just do that, and I will be on my way after that'' I continued, ''Ohhh so soon, what a shame we were getting used to your company'' Replied Amy, ''Okay love we hope you have a lovely journey and we hope you find your way home'' She Continued.

I finished my breakfast and packed away a few things I brought along with me, then I went outside the weather was still glorious, the sun was shining and the birds were tweating. ''Thank you for your hospertality'' I Said with a grin on my face, ''No problem anytime, please you must come and see us again'' Replied Amy as she hugged me.

I waved them good bye as I started to walk deeper into the forest, this forest was very big, I read in an article in a magaizine that it was voted the third largest forest in england, so I wasn't all that surprised.

When I was back at the Ruby and Amy's hut the day before I asked them if they knew where I should go next to search for help. They said they didn't really no, but they had a good idea there was a village not to far away. I was very excited as I had been away from my family now for more than a week, I suppose they were really getting worried about me.

But I put though's foughts out of my mind and focused on the journey ahead. I was walking a far distance when I came upto a sign it read, VILLAGE FIVE MILES NORTH and WILDLIFE RESERVE SOUTH. I saw a little to much wildlife so I chose the other option and headed towards the village.

It was starting to get dark so I desided to get some sleep and start again in the morning. I found a nice spot under a big tree and made myself a blanket out of giant leaves. All night long I could hear the sound of traffic on a road not to far from where I was, so I knew that I wasn't to far away from the village. I wondered to myself how far away from home I must have been. I fought I would have been at least four to five miles away from my home.

The wind was getting quiet breezy that night so I knew it was going to be a hard night to get some sleep. The next morning came and I was shattered as I had no sleep with the wind. I quickly got my stuff together and started my last few miles to the village. It wasn't a very nice day, it was pooring it down with rain so I got a big leaf I used the night before as an umberella. As I was walking I came across another sign saying STRAIGHTHALL VILLAGE ONE MILE. Whe  I saw the sign I had a tear in my eye as I knew I was nearly home and I was leaving Blossum behind and all the creatures I came across on my little journey.

It was hard to keep Blossum out of my head as she left a big impression in my mind, she was such a lovely spirit but to make her happy and to be there for her would have made her very happy and that made me very happy too.

I could finally see some smoke from the chimney's of the houses in the village, I could also smell what it seemed to be like a bramble pie. Then I saw the village church and I knew I was home. When I was stairing at the church in the corner of my eye I saw a blue flashing light, I looked round to see a police car. The police officer got out of the car and said, ''We found you, we finally found you, do you have any idea what your family are going through'' Said the officer.

''Come on son, I'll take you home'' He Said. I got into the officers car, he took me all the to my house. As we parked outside I looked up at the house, I couldn't believe I was home. I saw the front door fly open and my mum and dad came running out screaming. I got out of the car and gave my mum a great big hug and went inside.

''Oh where have you been'' Said my mum, ''I was lost in the forest'' I Replied, ''Oh I'm so glad your home, me and your dad were so worried'' Said my mum with a tear in her eye, ''How did you keep yourself worm'' Asked my dad, ''I just used the environment, I used leaves and hay as bedding and used trees as a roof from the rain'' I Continued, ''Wow thats very clever of you son, what did you do for food''.

Well I didn't no what to say, I couldn't say animals brought it me, could I. ''Well I just found berrys on the bushes and had a few rabbits'' I Said, ''Oh how did you get the rabbits'' Asked my dad, ''Em I just used a sharp stick to kill them,made myself a fire to cook it'' I Said. As you well no I didn't, but I just didn't have the heart to say that two cows brought me it, not when I've just got back.

I went upstairs and laid on my bed, I was so tied from the night before so I fell asleep. While I was asleep I dreamt about the creatures I met in the forest. I dreamt of the times we had together and how much fun I had. I also dreamt about Blossum about the moment of passion we shared and of the wonderful time we had together. I just didn't no what to do, I didn' no how to break the news to my parents that I met creatures with characteristics of humans, I knew they would take me away for been mad.

But I had to say something or it would just eat me up inside, so the next day I had a quiet word with my parents about Blossum and Ruby and Amy I met in the forest. There was a deep silence, my mum and dad looked at each other and smiled. They said they also met these creatures when they went for a walk in the forest when they were younger. My mum said she met a goat and a dear. My dad said he met a fox and a bull. They said they had human like features and could speak.

At first they were spooked but in time they got used to them. I told them I had got close to Blossum I met but my mum and dad didn't mind and they said they were very proud of me to owning up to my experience. I was overjoyed that they didn't think of me been mad and cast me away. I also felt better that I wasn't the only person to have seen them.

By the end of the week everybody in my neibourhood knew about me meeting these creatures in the forest. I felt kind of bad as everyone knew they excisted, so there was a big chance of people trying to hunt them down. That same week I had a chat with my friends about us all going into the forest and paying the creatures a visit and see if we could save and protect them from any hunters. They seemed infusiastic about doing it so we planned to do the following week, only this time we knew were to come back so hopefully we shoudn't get lost again.

It was the day of our journey once again. I had two friends of mine with me called Sam and Chris to help me with what we needed to do. It was going to be a big job for us as we planned to camp out for a few days with the creatures and make sure there safe from any prying eyes. We all set off from my house, we all packed enough food and drinks to last us for the last few days. We had a map and a cumpuss just incase we did get lost or go deeper into the forest.

''Is everyone ok with doing this'' I asked infusiasticly, ''Yes I'm ok with it, but I am a little nervous with me meeting these creatures'' Replied Chris, ''Yeah I'm up for it, it's gonna be a great two or three days'' Said Sam. I just couldn't wait to go into the forest for the second time and meet them, I knew it was going to be a great few days but I was up for it, these creatures needed our help it was only right as they did so much for me in my time of need.

We started to walk through the forest, at this point it was starting to get fairly dark as it was around six oclcock. We walked and walked for hours before it started to chuck it down, so we ran to the nearest tree and stood right up to the trunk to try to keep dry. It didn't all that work as there was big gaps in the leaves. We desided to make camp were we was for the night and carry on when it wasn't raining. Luckily we brought along a four man tent for us to sleep in, it was a bit anoying as we had no idea how to put it up and betime we did we was apsolutly soaking.

We had a great laugh that night as Sam was moaning all night about him been wet. Me and Chris didn't care and we went straight to sleep. The next morning came and luckily it was a pritty good day so we wasted no time in getting packed away and got on our way.

We were walking for about three hours when we stumbled across the little wooden hut where the two cows lived. ''Guy's thats the house were the two cows took me'' I Said, ''Wow how the hell did two cows build a wooden hut'' Replied Chris, ''I have no idea how they did it, but they did and were here so lets knock and see if anyones home, shall we'' I Said Sarcasticly.

I knocked on the door and there was a long pause until I heard a faint voice coming from inside the house. ''Em yes it's me again the guy who got lost'' I Said, ''Ooooh lovely one minute'' Said Ruby, ''Lads please when they come to the door please don't be rude towards them okay'' I Said Concerned, ''Don;t worry mate we won't say a thing okay'' Replied Sam.

We went into the little hut and sat down on some hair stacks. We told them why we where back and introduced Chris and Sam. ''I suppose you are wondering why I'm back'' I Said, ''No not really, were glad your back again, or was there a reason you come back'' Replied Ruby, ''Well actually yes, we came to warn you about some more people coming into the forest'' I Said, ''Oh that will be nice more people to see and talk to'' Replied Ruby, ''Em yes and no, these people you do not want to meet, these people want to hunt you down or put you in a zoo for ever and you don't want that'' I Said, '' Oh no w, what are we to do'', Replied Ruby ''Well thats why were here to help you'' I Said, '' Oh thank you, thank you'' Replied Amy.

This was it, we couldn't go back now, we had to stand by these creatures and try our best and keep them out of sight or try to deter hunters from killing them for trophies. This may take us longer than we thought as the task dawnted on us.

Chapter 3
Operation Save The Creatures.

It was time, time to keep these creatures free from harm. Me, Sam and Chris were stood out side Ruby and Amy's Hut waiting and thinking of what we should do. I could feel the antisipation, it was a lot to take in, just us three kids saving a whole forrest of magical creatures. We could hear the frenzy of hunters coming in our direction, I was getting nervous at this point not knowing if our plan was going to work.

''Sam I want you to go and take Ruby and Amy somewhere out of site okay'' I Said, ''Yeah sure'' Replied Sam, ''Chris I want you to get ready for them coming okay I don't know what there going to do to us but we must stand our ground no matter what okay'' I Said, ''Yeah I'm not going anywhere'' Replied Chris.

With the words of wisdom going over and over through my head, driving me crazy and making me kind of worried. Thoughs words ''We don't know what there going to do to us''. Well it made me worry, it made me think of different things that they might do to us all. Would there kill Ruby and Amy and make them trophies for some arseholes wall, just what was going through these guys minds as they ran towards us.

''Sam have you got thoughs two hidden'', Said Chris, ''Yeah don't worry there out of sight'' Replied Sam, ''Right lads it's time to stand firm and take whatever these guys throw as us, and remember keep these creatures safe'' I Said, with a lump in my throat.

They came closer and closer, we could now see them much more clearly as they ran into the clearing.

''Hey I have an idea'' Said Sam, why don't we try and draw these guys away from this area, and away from Ruby and Amy, if it works then they have a chance to go and warn the other antros about these arseholes'' he continued, ''That is one good plan, it just might work'' I replied.

''Ruby, Amy, you there'' Sam whispered, ''Yes, Replied Amy, ''we hear you'', good now where going to try and draw these guys away from here, and give you two sometime to go and warn the others okay'', Said Sam, ''No!, please don't put yourselve in danger just for us, (Ruby), yeah please just leave now and let them do what they want'' continued Amy.

No!, I said firmly, we are going to go through with this plan, we are not going to let these guys lay one finger on you two, or any of you guys, now just go now, warn the others, and get as far away from here as possible, and most importantly lay low, keep hidden until its safe for you to come back out'',

''But how would we know if it is safe or not, Replied Ruby, ''Well when we lead these guys away from here, we will come and find you, so stay together, and stay safe''. Come on you two there coming, we need to get these guys as far away as possible'' I said to Sam and Chris.

With that myself, Sam and Chris, ran as fast as we possibly could, and making as much noise as we possibly could, in order to make the hunters follows us.

It seemed like we had been running for hours, our legs were becomming jelly, and we felt dizzy and sick. ''John, Please we have to stop and rest, I just can't go on much feather'' Cried Sam,

''Me neither, We seriously need to get hid and rest, Said Chris, '' Okay lads fine I think we have led them far away from Ruby and Amy, so our jobs done, we just need to keep checking incase the hunters head back'' I Replied.

We sat behind a very old tree, it was massive, it gave us great cover for the time being.

As we sat, all what was going through my head was the safety of Ruby and Amy, wondering if they got away. I would of forgiven myself if anything had happened to them.

''John, do you think its safe to move now'' Whispered Chris, ''I think so, we should really start making our way back to meet up with Ruby and Amy'' I Replied.

Still exhausted from running away from the hunters, we braved on, going back, hopefully in the same direction we came.

More soon...

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