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Miss Cleo, mystified by her own self and how clever she dresses.
Miss Cléo

Miss Cléo loves to indulge in the stylish coquetry and poetic design that savours deeply of old English sophisticated charms.

Miss Cléo adores the silent contemplative prancing about the alleys, filling her tiny delicate eyes with the British classical taste in wearable. Of which, she weekly makes the elegant purchase of a finely selected piece of clothing matching the current time of year.

And beyond all, Miss Cléo simply rhapsodizes herself in walking in her classy favourite tasteful sundress with coordinated giant and brilliantly superb sunhat among the normal streets with its normal people living and going on about their normal life in all of her most distinguished air, distinguished manners and distinguished natural beautiful look.

Miss Cléo does not utter a single word while doing so for she needs not to. All can be told through her majestically sober refined way of being the most graceful and dignified person one could even be graced upon to set eyes onto. In her mind, she feels like a Queen in disguise, a confined princess with a temporary permission to walk among the common ones.

For the most part, she pleases her empress-like self in believing all to be dumbstruck in awe before her refreshing yet old fashioned magnificence, secretly venerating her presence.

She delights in setting her royal behind on the most prized tea lounges where she basks in the sunlight only to be outshined by her own. To the passing people on the streets, she, in all her grand kindness, offers her conservative winsome smile while sipping delicately a truly hand-made, brewed only for her, Earl Grey tea in relish.
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