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A poem about tolerance for people, their advice, and constructive criticism.
A mystery for all – but let the masses speak!
Good fortune is the will of every woman or man.
Love is coming to all – the mighty and the weak,
As sure as death, for that’s a Godly plan!

Those giving hope can say disturbing things,
Be somewhat remote, obliged, or self-effacing;
But folks can’t pretend they’re flying with true wings,
Or that we are the dream which they find most enticing…

People will speak righteous words or misgivings,
Feeling that the purpose for talking must be forced –
And those who adhere to making honest, helpful livings
Will likely guide you well, for that’s how they are bossed…

Your goal must be to strive for God’s noble reaches,
Though others attend to you like a contemptuous detail;
But their honest, helpful path is one that God teaches –
And we’ve all spoken badly of a female or male!
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