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An Acrostic Monorhyme,Contest Entry.
Backseat drivers aren't always your best friend
As this Mom soon found out, you can never depend
Cruising in a brand new car was a real traditional trend
Kid buckled in the backseat, going slow 'round the bend
Soon cop car sirens come out of nowhere and descend
Eager to catch a thief, number's over a radio they send
Ah! We got a stolen car here! Nay! She did not offend!
Thinking they had caught one, now had herself to defend

Driver's license, registration, showed all of it did blend
Re-check done on VIN numbers, off by one, they contend
Instant apologies spilled forth, the arresting officers did lend
Very sorry, "Ma'am, did you know this car was reported stolen?"
Eyes, suddenly, turned to a child who could not comprehend
Roaring, "Mom you told me you bought this car!" The end.

Acrostic Monorhyme: Monorhymes have a comic note. Acrostic monorhymes are having a twist - the first letters of every sentence form a word, and the rhyme scheme is a/a/a/a/a etc throughout the poem.
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