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Mistake From A Bored Heart..?

Speaking from a closed mind
With ignorance as the main, infiltrating, re-occurring state of existence.
A pitiful homosapien to say the least,
Worthless, in every aspect of life,
A person who speaks of being open-minded, but never is.
Just a brat from flesh to bone,
A person who has always been pampered by humanity
And have never lifted a finger to gain access to own talents.
Perhaps its time to look beyond satisfaction,
The time to realize reality's punishment for experiencing desire.
A huge set-back in personal development,
Should have stayed on the raft of my own believes
Instead of floating on this open sea
Kicking waters, losing strength in myself.
Used to be pleased with the surroundings around my presence,
Now just looking to the far end of bridge in which I push to reach.
Awake during the horrific nightmare I've always feared;
Living with an emotional creature of a damned mind
Pushing and begging for destruction once more,
Hoping I would be the one to eliminate its last sanity,
So I do my best to restrain the inner beast who wish to appear,
But in the near future the restraints will melt from its acidic anger
And a beast sent from below will wipe out the memory of lust.
Now's the time to be reminded of a shattered childhood.
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