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We all have some sort of inspiration, here's mine.
I've been given some big inspiration, but my biggest form of inspiration has to be from the Revolve Tour.  The Revolve Tour is is a Christian, sort of concert type thing, only for teen girls.  There are musical acts, such as Natalie Grant, and Hawk Nelson, but my favorite part was the speakers, espesially a guy named Chad Eastham.  He was a drug addict, overwieght, emotionally destroyed kid, but now, he's a successful book writer/motivational speaker.

Chad specializes in helping teenagers be comfortable with themselves.  He has written two books.  The one I have read is called "Guys Like Girls Who..."  It's basically about how girls today are based on their looks, but instead of that, we should be comfortable with who we are.  Wich I have learned to do because of this inspiring book.

He told some stories about himself, and my favorite is the story about when he was in sort of a rehabilitation camp.  The counselor told Chad to look in the mirror that was in front of him, and tell him what he saw.  He said some bad things about the people around him.  That happened for most of the time he was there, but after a while, the counselor screamed "Chad!", then he calmed down, and he said "What do you see?"  All that happened was Chad broke down crying.  That's when he had his breakthrough.

So, you're probably asking "what's your point?"  Well, the point is that you can find yourself in so any ways.  Mine was from a man who wasn't as confident as he is now.  Yours can come from anything, or anybody, all you have to do is wait.
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