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by JudyB
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The animals that clearly have played a part in my life
Assignment Four:

My Animal Guides

Being the deep thinker that I am, I have long considered what my strengths are…often wishing I possessed some that will never be mine, but being ever thankful of the ones I do possess. By my participation in this class, I am overjoyed to have the excellent listing of the animals, A-Z, and the opportunity to learn what strengths they convey.

This assignment was quite an eye opener, but not as surprising as I thought it would be.The animal I believe is and always has been my primary guide, is the Cheetah, whose two basic strengths are “nourishment” and “mother figure.” Nourishment, in particular, refers to so much more than the food which keeps us healthy...it also pertains to the health of the mind!

This so completely aligns with my life from the time I was very little…even then I was always the one in the neighborhood to bring home stray animals who needed food and comfort until they were reunited with either their human or animal family, depending on their situation. Caring for the animals was my way of helping someone smaller and less fortunate than me.

Even as a child, however, Cheetah’s way’s had a very positive effect on my relationship with my family. Father and Mother were poorly matched, verbal and physical fighting were a regular occurrence in my home. It was always my father who was torn apart on the inside by fighting…and it was always me who made sure he received a warm hug and kiss to make him feel better.

As an adult, the ten years I spent caring for foster children also brings the big cat’s wisdom and care to the forefront of my mind. As I see myself through Cheetah’s eyes, there is no doubt that the big cat’s strengths have and will continue to be mine.

In this lesson, I was excited to learn of the traditional teaching that nine different animals will come in or out of each person's lifetime as a guide when needed. Wanting to know more about what other animals could possibly have guided me to this point in my life, I was excited to find out what they are.

With studying the list of animals I was quickly able to identify other guides which have been at work in my life; the most notable of these being:

Dolphin: in the areas of kindness, wisdom, and playfulness
Kangaroo: in the areas of creativity and stamina
Lion: in the area of family and role of protector
Otter: in the areas of being friendly and helpful
Pelican: for resiliency
Raven: whom I thank for the courage I possess
Wolf: particularly for intuition and perserverance

For the first time in my life, I am beginning to understand and realize what it is that "makes me tick!" It also explains how my little house cats and I can so clearly communicate, just by looking into each other's eyes.

It is said that "life is a journey" and through the awesome lessons I am studying here in the NAI course, I am coming to a fuller understanding of my own, particular journey.

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