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Sunrise Discussion Topic #4
1. Was it difficult to complete the above assignment without "explaining" or telling the situation? This concerns 4-1. I had a very difficult time coming up with one or two liners that could work in several senses and still make sense to me. Therefore, I ended up with 15 paragraphs and cussing (@#$%^&*) all through the last five. It was horrible. But, when I finished the lesson and the teacher liked them, I felt relieved and glad I had done them. I think I will boomerang a couple of those into some stories or essays.

2. Did the exercise trigger your imagination, make you want to write about any of the characters you reported on? No, because I had no way to get out and had to do another assignment. But, the one assignment you gave us in the fitness forum where we were to pick a first line and develop a story from there, did create a couple of scenarios that I wanted persue later. Also, I was watching Cops one night and a street person had been killed and I wrote a description of him down for later. One time when we were getting ready to fly to MA, Rick went to park the car and left me with the bags. I decided to write a story scenario about the next car that came to stop there. That was so cool. Good looking guy being dropped off by good looking wife. I saw a scuba license plate on the front and came up with an idea of his flying off to Mexico on a top secret mission to save the world. HA

3. The Senses Assignment: The easiest to do for me were the sight ones. DUH. The texture and the smell ones were hard because I just couldn't come up with the right descriptive words I wanted. That was a long, long, long assignment for me. But, I feel like I really grew from it. Especially when I had to write my NA children's story. Cissy said she could see and feel and sense the things I had written about. That made me very proud.

4. My Assignment 4-2: As you know by now I chose to rewrite a little essay I did once that I never was particularly proud of. Today, I re-wrote it trying to be more descriptive. I kept telling myself SHOW, don't TELL. And when I finished I would go back and try to add some of the senses. I hope I didn't over-do it.
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