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by Harry
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A free verse tribute to my Corgi Rusty.
If you only knew how hard, how
painful, how traumatic it was
for us to have the vet end your life,
you would know how much you
truly were loved. We cried and cried
over your lifeless body. We still cry
whenever we think of you because
the hurt is still too fresh. They say
it will get better with time, but
somehow I doubt this is true.
Our hearts will forever carry this scar.

Rusty, you were a great dog and so
much beloved. You did the Corgi breed
proud. You gave us fifteen years worth
of wonderful memories. You were forever
intelligent, loving, obedient, and playful.
In my mind, I’ll always picture you chasing
squirrels in the backyard, herding your
indestructible plastic ball, retrieving rubber
balls in the house, barking with us,
seeking affectionate petting, never begging
at meals but waiting patiently for a treat
(you did love chicken, hamburgers, and
oatmeal cookies). Then there was that time it
snowed and how you loved playing in it.
I treasured our late night walks together.
Thanks for the great memories, old fellow.

People were always so surprised how
fast you ran, how high you could jump.
You were so quick and agile! But in
the end, the years were unkind to you.
You lost the ability to jump several years
ago; then this year your arthritic neuropathy,
as the vet labeled it, robbed you of your ability
to walk normally. You staggered and flopped
around when you walked. Even trying to stand
and walk grew painful for you. It broke our
hearts to see you suffering so. You whimpered
with pain, became urine incontinent. Our love
for you gave us the strength to give you peace.
It was time, Rusty; it was time.

Rusty: 10 December 1993 – 29 January 2009
Farewell, old fellow. You'll forever be in our hearts.

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