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by Harry
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A thought-provoking poem about this controversial issue.
The issue of abortions is quite
controversial, quite polarized.
The two camps disagree what is right;
each side’s position has fossilized.

Pro-lifers advocate fetal rights,
defining as immediate life
the instant the sperm with egg unites.
This view does create in many strife.

Pro-lifers say the embryo must
live at all costs, even if the health
of the mother is endangered ... just
let the baby claim her life by stealth.

Pro-lifers value birth of the baby,
but then have little concern about
the quality of its life. Maybe
doing so would bring their side more clout.

If they must insist that poor crack whore
be made to deliver her fetus,
then perhaps they should accept much more
of a role in raising it righteous.

Why do pro-lifers value fetal
life so highly, while willing to kill
abortion doctors? Hypocritical!
Must they try to bend all to their will?

Pro-choice advocates think that the choice
to abort belongs to the pregnant
woman, that only she has a voice
in the matter. On this they’re adamant.

Some pro-choicers allow abortion
at any stage; others would restrict
it to pre-fourth month of gestation.
Within their camp remains much conflict.

Pro-choicers seem to consider more
the aftermath of birth on both child
and mother. But, we cannot ignore
some rather thoughtless women run wild,

then use abortion as birth control.
The pro-choice position is much less
rigidly delineated on the whole;
they don’t claim their view by God is blessed.

Discussion of issues by the two sides
pregnant with opportunity is stillborn.
Fruitful verbal intercourse instead hides
behind exchange of arguments shopworn.

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