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by Brian
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Animal · #1525381
Two dogs - not exactly friends
I wrote the story below in 2009 for a daily contest. It is based on a personal experience between my dog, Balou and my parent's dog, Snooky. I have incorporated this short story into my recently published children's book, "Invalid Item, available on Amazon.

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I wrote Balou because of another short story about a childhood pet, "Invalid Item that I published on Amazon as an ebook and it has been a big hit with the kids with almost 15,000 downloads. Based on that demand and the comments I received in reviews and emails, I decided to write a longer book "Invalid Item. It is now available on Amazon as a print book and soon an ebook.

Enjoy the original story, which is also an excerpt from my book:


Balou wags her tail as she chews on a bone from the supper roast. Snooky watches with her mouth watering. The problem? Balou is a 50 pound white German shepherd and Snooky is a 4 pound poodle. No contest.

Snooky has no chance to pull the prize from the larger dog. Time for an alternate approach. Snooky runs to the front door, barking as if someone is coming to the door. Balou’s curiosity shows immediately, and she runs to the front door barking at the imaginary visitor. The bone sits alone in the middle of the floor. Snooky abandons her position at the front door, runs to grab the bone, and spirits it to the far corner of the room. Her cropped tail is wagging.

Balou finally realizes that no one is coming and returns to her spot. But the bone is gone. She looks over in to the corner, and sees Snooky enjoying her winnings.

Eventually Balou sees her opportunity to reclaim the bone without causing harm to her friend. Once again Balou is back chewing the bone, tail wagging. Snooky is forced to look on, again drool dripping from her mouth.

Snooky goes back to the well of proven techniques. She again runs to the front door barking at an imaginary visitor. Balou again starts to run for the door. Half way to the front door Balou stops in her tracks, turns back and picks up the bone. Balou manages a muffled bark with the bone held firmly in her teeth.

Snooky is smart, but Balou is a fast learner.

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