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When the knife is dug deep in the backs of lovers denied rightly passion?

When the knife is dug deep in the backs of lovers denied rightly passion?


  Words loudly shouted but never heard ultimately reach eyes of sorrowful tears are dry from gusts dangling within motives of sharp red-hot steel blades held firmly in the right hand ... one sharp as the cut-throat! At the most ready to do damage requested or otherwise trivial to any excuses ... and somewhat ironical ... and in the end should have lingered to rust!

  Lips coarsely touch when soft cheeks gently tremble to warm sweat that slowly gravitates in a coiling, soft motion, and then lands upon granules of sand left on the toe of a red diamond-studded shoe? This is achieved at the ogle of the throw of wild lust negotiated deep behind a black warn down number nine long ago engraved on a thick wooden door!

  Quickly, and in style ...the knife is retracted and the blade set aside for the moment! The item itself never lost in mind ... but rather held within a predetermined need ... dead set on one particular course ... and that was death ... not of her own?

  With gestures of a primed Prima-Donna ... the young, cordial maiden released bold holds to the rights to shift actual position, somewhat slightly to the left ... and then straight forward deeply gazing through eyes of murky colors of light blues ... the same made mysterious with darker shades of gloomy powders that hid the truth and its real face ... which at that point was rightly integrity?

  In the swamp of things to be or otherwise ... a rushed crowd of blue-collar shoppers gushed by with vigor ... most to the trot of natural daily activities which aroused the young maiden’s life full of curiosity, well within virtues of life beyond closed window of knowledge now coveted!

  Who was she? You know ... the other woman in the way of things to be ... if ever now? There were airplanes to catch and bills to pay. She’d say that at this time in life could not afford such treachery ... and could have done without!

  She, the young lady, at this point way too old to play the game ... and then in time would have to say with tremendous ease ... 'Thanks for the good days and everything ... better luck next time!' and with triumph pull through at all cost? Whether it be from the broken heart or a broken back?

  Some would say to those that have crossed her path and deprived her of duly respect, that never at any time was it rudely demanded! It would have to be mercy upon their souls ... of which by now were with blustering heads! White-hot torments negotiated by deeper red-hot elongated sullied tongues, long in the needless babble.

  Her radiant eyes were two bright infernos of deep reds and even deeper ashen with large pupils wildly exploding as if two small suns bursting in immense radioactive-heat.The look from across the pave of way said vengeance without mercy! This lady’s ready to kill the one thought guilty of the crime of merely living a full life ... 'Not in this life time!' this stated without any duress in mind, mind you!

  She headed for the kill and with a strike from the back of the right hand sharpened her skills at the slap that bitch game ... which herself was ready to play! The other now well-known fell to the hard ground, and there in a wallow of whimpers faked injuries not visible to the naked eye, and at that very point negotiated release from harm within a small amount of mercy merely shown!

  There, the aggressor took the will to kill, summoning the Gods of due rights, as well of thoughts ... because it seemed that the child so far, and through most her young life was totally blind, truly without sight ... not physically, but mentally ... and now had seen the light ... which in all was on all the time?

  'He must die!' she shouted at the soft, tranquil winds ... which by now is but a smoldering gust of thick muggy air that most often fairly stunk up the immediate atmosphere, as well the flow of it! 'Oh ... only if I had my way!' ...she'd say.

  Late in the evening under the study dim lights ... glasses clashed as the jagged knife is driven deep within the one most in cheer of things ... well until the blade struck yawning ribs several times over and over again ... as if once wasn’t enough ... even to the flow of the aggressor going down shouting words relating revenge of the darkest kind ... which therefore revealed themselves ferociously real?

  There was no time for lawyers or negotiations at this time ... she’d have to make it look valid, and when completed fly off somewhere in the Caribbean with the knife buried deep in the sand by a tree ... deeper into the roots, the ones profoundly grounded ... not that anyone should know such secrets?

  With a long bloody slash going from ear to ear ... the man wasn’t going anywhere any time soon! It seemed that the insecure wife led herself to do the unthinkable and murder the loved one that for all but one day devoted too for years of somewhat turmoil! 'Because we have truly found each other ... now are lost forever!'

  In shame and dishonor, this was often said loudly ... if not only for missing love ... but also for the agony of defeat thereof! Ouch . . . like a kick to the groin dead center, mid testicles or otherwise ... as in this case with a prickly knife to the gullet, stuck deep when shouting words of betrayal not offered kindly ..those of  which for sure must have already reached heights of such brutal heavens and beyond, you know . . . way yonder, somewhere safe from harm?

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