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Playing with slang words!
Grooty Grouser

Playing with slang words!

  Mac stood after fumbling out of bed, really not down with it ... and for the moment shook his head at the doozie of a hangover that cracked the skull clear off the shoulders! In turn and with a long tip of the head forward, leaned on the bimbo lastly dogged! Who in the stupor of things lay on the floor left for dead!

  In the moment, the young man decided to bail on the Booger in the quest for a short brekkie of cereals and milk, as well a cuppa, sometimes found in Do Eat Right, right next to the five finger discount shop occasionally frequented with malice in mind.

  The chump headed down the street boot scootin’ toward his favourite place of joy ... and in two chips of the buck landed on the sandy beach, where the sun blared strong and long! Within time met up with Holmes standing by grousing bouts of needless tales of hype, then further more aggravated the situation by tossing his cookies on shoes without laces.

  The man screamed I’m outta here in a New York minute, and now nowhere to be found? Unfortunately, this left the Grooty Grouser no jokes while down on his keester! Meanwhile, the Chum on the run noticed a young Lassie which seemed ready to ride a jock, and let it rip with invites to a liquid lunch over at Charlie’s do Gooders!

  Within a shout, the maiden in distress longed for a getaway in the mere of a fraction, and in a twist of events played the kick game, avoiding the livewire with tremendous efforts! Further on ahead and way after great defeat ... the lush ventured for the shores avoiding the ankle bitters and bean counters ... where Bro, remembered as Da Bomb, lay sun-bathing.

  At the time the thought of chillin’ with a friend sounded just about right ... this was beyond the idea of going bonkers and bugging out. Once at the dude’s side, the man related tales of boomerangs to the reply of a ight ... therefore further stating that it was a dewzie and never ever to be forgotten!

  In the trend of the day ... the dipstick offered what seemed impossible while grooty all the way ... on and on, on a merry way veered to the left then the right disin’ all on the way ... Oh, but wait ... that Mother, mind my words, will get what was promised! ... a good slap upside the head is all that is needed? ... it could hurt badly? ... you know corporal and all!

  Days went by without a words? The silent itself louder then life which makes you def with worry ... where not a thimble of the man in sight anywhere? This of course to the agony of the callers in distress? Was this the year Pity-Pouts were so early in Season?

  Unfortunately this was all unnatural cultivated long ago upon the chip on the shoulder ..  where within a preferred beverage the thoughts aggravated even further! Others say, they saw him going up Long View Hill ... long and slow in search of a freebie? Then in a moment lost, he ultimately crashed-out of site and out mind ... well over the mound long on the long hill, far beyond the tall prominence, grooty all the way . . . never once looking back ... moving on with a loud whistle on the pucker!

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