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Rated: E · Prose · Cultural · #1526489
Befooled by those Clowns once again, as if the world but a laugh away!

Befouled by those Clowns once again!

    The Ring Master stood elevated somewhat tall, when in a swift jiffy shouted that the show was just about to commence within the large crowd in attendance, which gave way to cheers without neglects! From there it gravitated to the roar of giant Mammoths in a loud pace of foot.

    In his well to do costume, the man in the center did his best to perform for the crowd, displaying gestures of black and white; and some shades of gray ... needless to say his part was a very small one, only meant to arouse!

    When the oversizes curtain stretched open. Three clowns and a dog named Sputter came strolling in with large smiles on their fully rounded faces ... or maybe not, it was hard to tell which was which? The first came round on a short tricycle! The other on foot waving his hands wildly at everyone closes by! The third directed the small English Terrier to do extraordinary tricks for the crowd, like jumping through hoops on fire bright and all!

    By now all three were well in the center ring playing the part as if the business of making everybody laughs was that of the day; what a bunch of jokers it seemed! One seemed to convey a laugh, but it was so terrible that it shifted faces the other way so that they couldn’t read the giggle as it came on long and strong ... where at once, the judges condemned the man with a faked smiles to death!

    The other came in rather quick, then looked straight in dark eyes and there saw something commonly rare, something that frustrated all in the most! Was he looking straight through them, at them, or over them? I couldn’t quite make out the stare since it was going nowhere, straight out of bounce! Pong, pong, pong; on and on and on . . . you know?

    The third in line said something that was so degrading that they immediately though she was rude of natural birth, and regardless the words, may not recover this time! Forbidden some of the narrow roads of destiny seemed to be! Some never gazed at or wandered upon! It wasn’t always this way you see ... at some other point in time, were other days when we were all the same and everything never changed? It became boring when all appeared the same. I mean saying hello to yourself every morning got really weird?

    That’s when the clowns put on their painted faces and tried to make everyone laugh once again! Since the pain of loneliness was well upon everyone the day all were equal and needed none other virtues but their own? Egocentricity set out and quarrels broke free from prudence!

    The planet and its habitants became self indulged and confused to what to do about things to be? Since no one had time for anybody else but time, itself! Until one afternoon when the clowns returned from, finally rescuing the day by putting a smile on some of the sad faces of the folks sitting closely! Needless to say, this in all but barely was enough to keep everybody in line mind you! Bitch, bitch, bitch, they went on . . . well on into the grieving night!

    The third clown and his dog performed a trick never seen before as the gents quickly took to it, and then began mimicking the motions as if supposed to do so naturally! Like a well trained dog sort of speak! I mean if you do it over and over again ... soon enough you should be able to get it? Check the lost and found, it may be there, or who knows where it is?

    All three began to dance in a slow motion, has if trying to hypnotize everyone in the wide audience ... this was apparent after waking up days after the show! Were they supposed to pay the fees once again and again and again, that wouldn’t be fare ... now, would it?

    The clown in lead set out and threw a ball into the air as it bounced all over the place! The little dog already in flight left its Master and ventured on swiping the rubber object free of neglect. There, the beast growled at the hard bite of the ever so ferocious one they soon named the Mutt, belittling it in stupidity in all of terms and forms, with no remorse forth coming!

    The mad Masters of smiles for some time might bring criticism in that kind of sense, and at other period in time, which is their sworn duty! They will make you giggle with laughter that grabs your stomach and rends you immobile for a while, leaving holding you sides in joyful pain! It hurts to have fun sometime, needless to say with a pounding headache!

    The laughter kept coming, and soon enough everyone was out of breathe holding on to each other as if in support of one another? How weird since the feelings were new! Who knew this could be done ... not the clowns ... they always work by themselves and rarely communicate with one another ... at  the least that what I heard! Where would be the answers found ... one wondered on?

    Sad one day when the first of the clowns fell out of bed and knocked his head about the steal frame! There he rose not remembering who he was, and where to be. Thereon noticed everything and anything was useless to him, since he did not know the how to do or the when to do it, or what to think to do for that matter? The lonely one obeyed instincts and move on ahead, deadly and all ... heeding every call!

    After days of telling and remembering ... the cry-baby was once again on the verge of well ... as he put on his make ready for the show which was just about to begin. Another night of laughter, one negotiated to the other as the last bows of the head low, remembering the good old days where laughter was in abundance and not so diluted!

    All vented smiles wide as the blue and then the show began, and on and on and on it went to the flow of a caravan full of delights, of which spilled over into the roaring crowd, now drowning deep in superb ventures nurtured by faces brightened with bright colors filled with joy!

    To whom the funny face when a child is with hunger? To whom the smile when the blood of youth flow like rivers? To whom the wonder when none is done to rectify all that is needed rightly done? Why wait till morning when night will do? Was it not carved in stone or within the young flesh that is now uselessly rotting upon mounds of decay!

    Where are the clowns now that so often long ago made us laugh until we ached in pain? Are they the weary that we know all of their tricks and no longer will we afford laughter to such a farce within time of true grief? Were they not the fools of the laws giving they the right to delight all willing to listen? How fortunate for patience. 

    The uneasiness of not knowing what to do next, is so often placed at the foot of mad tyranny that engulfs all weak of mind, devouring all in the wake of redundant war ravishing the mind and body of all in its wake? Were the children not cherished so as to let all perish within greed and false virtues? Who are we to state such wisdom? No, not I, a clown with mimed-face and fake ruby-red lips within eyes bulging out of the skull in denial . . . I couldn’t smile, not I!

                                                                        * * *

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1526489