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Discussion on Lesson 5
I found all of the poetry samples provided in Lesson Five to be of interest. Each had their own style yet each had a story to tell.

The one I found to be most interesting and moving, was the poem "Children of the Indians". The reason for this, I think, is that having been a child 50+ years ago, it brought vague memories back to me of how young NAI children were so thoughtlessly taken away from their homes and given to white people to raise!?!

I believe that there will always be the occasional need for children live somewhere other than their birth home, but I can't believe it was in their best interests to be placed with an entirely different culture...especially when it was white social workers placing Indian children into white homes! Even as an ex-social worker myself, there is no way I will ever believe they had to be removed from their culture!

It was definitely a "dark ages" that has never been officially acknowledged.

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