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A story series about a sexually liberated young lady.
Dear readers, thank you for your response to my last story, Daddy's Home. It has encouraged me to write a series about a very sexually liberated young lady and her adventures around the world. I think I may have found my niche in writing. Thank you very much. Please feel free to critique my work so I can turn out even better stories for you.


The Erotic Adventures of
Nova Starr

Hello, everyone. My name is Nova Starr. Don't blame me for the name. It was my Dad's brainchild. The following is the first chapter in the chronicle of my life. In subsequent chapters I will be taking you on a whirlwind tour of the world, my experiences, my friends and my libido. I will share with you some of my deepest, darkest secrets. Some of the things you will read here you may find embarrassing, appalling or even ghastly, but then again, it is my life and not yours. I'm only writing about it, I'm not asking you to like it. But I am very certain that there are some parts that will knock your socks off. I'm not ashamed of what I've done in my life, although some of the things I'm not proud of, either. Be that as it may, life must go on. We all make mistakes but we must profit from the learning that we get by making those mistakes. My first big mistake was when I was only six years old and I tried to beat up my Dad. It only led me down a path of debauchery and insatiable lust. I'm comfortable with that although you may not be. Having trouble making that connection? Then let me explain.

At the ripe old age of six years, I happened to wander into my parents bedroom looking for my Mom. What I found shocked me to the core and at the same time, scared the hell out of me. Dad was on top of Mom beating the daylights out of her. She was moaning and carrying on so much that I thought she was about to die. Quick as a wink, I scrambled onto the bed and started pummeling him with my little fists as hard as I could and screamed at him to stop hurting Mommy. Both their eyes were filled with shock as I attacked, screaming like a wild banshee. As the little fearless monster pressed on with it's onslaught, Dad rolled off Mom, gently caught my arms and proceeded to laugh so hard it brought tears to his eyes. That enraged me even more, and the more I fought, the more he held on. Soon Mom had joined the laugh fest and as confused as I was, I started to giggle, too.

After we all got our wits about us, Dad asked what all that was about and I told I didn't like it when he hurt my Mommy and I wanted him to stop. He tried to reassure me that he wasn't hurting her but they were just having some fun in a way that parents often do. I asked, if you were only having fun, why was no one laughing. I saw you poking holes in her with... that! I was looking and pointing at his still erect and very wet manhood. He looked where I was pointing and with a tender smile told me that that is how grownups have fun from time to time. And I didn't poke a hole in your Mom, he said, all girls have that hole there already. He pointed to Mom who spread her legs so I could see where Dad was pointing. Sure enough, there was a hole there. But I don't have one of those, I told him. Yes, Nova, he answered, you do have one, just not that big. He said that I would find out more about it when I get old enough to have a man of my own. Mom spoke up to assure me that she was okay and Dad really wasn't hurting her. Well, that satisfied me for the time being, but I the back of my mind I always wondered about that hole that I supposedly had and how it would feel with some guys thing stuck in there.

Fast forward to age twelve. Estrogen is starting to rear its ugly head. I began to bleed, fortunately, mom prepared me for this but not much else. My breasts started to grow at what I thought was an alarming rate. I tried to hide them in baggy sweat shirts but pretty soon they showed through, no matter what I wore. I started noticing boy's tushies and they started to notice my boobs. I was very self conscious of my appearance. I was three to four inches taller than the other girls my age and had the biggest breasts in my grade. They teased me mercilessly, they called me Barbie Doll and Amazon and Boobie Girl. And the boys, all they wanted was to put their hands all over me. Except for one.

Michael was like no other boy I knew in school. He was quiet, polite, never made any advances toward me, which I thought was rather strange considering he was a handsome male. But it seemed that every time I turned around, he was close by. Although not actually staring at me his magnetic gaze would invariably be cast in my direction. Some times he would smile his heart melting smile and nod, others he would include a little wave of his hand. It was very difficult to try to determine what was going through his mind. However, though, he seemed like the kind of guy I'd like to be friends with. As luck would have it, we did become friends when one day he asked me to go to the basketball game with him so he could cheer a couple of his friends on to victory. Of course I jumped at the chance to spend some extra time with him although I'm not what you would call a sports aficionado. I would do almost anything to be with him. Think, first crush. Think, puppy love. You got it!

Four years later. I'm now sixteen. Michael and I have been going steady since that first basketball game. We started out dating about twice a month but now we see each other almost every day. We've gotten to the point where we don't like to be apart from the other for very long at one time. However, the topic of a possible future has not yet come up. But I kind of hope it does. One day he wanted to go walk in the park by the lake and he asked me if I would like to go. I thought that sounded nice so I went along with him. After about an hour of walking and talking in the warm summer sun I told him that I would like to go sit an a bench for a bit. He looked around, found one in the shade of a huge oak tree and led me to it. I sat down and he went across the walk to a concession stand and returned with a huge, ice cold lemonade and two straws. He was so sweet that way.

We sat there talking and sharing the lemonade for about a half an hour. Finally the cup was drained so Michael got up, threw it in the trash can and returned. But instead of sitting back down beside me he stood in back of me and put his hands on my shoulders and lightly massaged them and my neck. I thought I had been struck by lightning because about a bazillion volts of electricity shot through me. My heart come to a stop (for about two beats) and I found it heard to breathe. Oh my God, Michael, don't ever stop, I was thinking. I've had neck rubs before but not by electrifying hands like these. I closed my eyes and fairly sank into him, giving into every movement of those wonderful hands.

As I was being mesmerized by his gentle but firm strokes I became aware of... something... like another presence. I can't really explain it, I've never had anything like this happen before. I felt....a stirring?...in my groin. An image started forming in my mind. I could see the top of someone's head. A girl's blond head with hands on the shoulders. She was wearing a very low cut clingy red satin tank top that showed her nipples and I had a perfect view down between her breasts. OH! MY! GOD! That was my head and that's the top I was wearing!!! How can this be happening? Some how I was seeing what Michael was seeing. Even though I never moved outwardly, I was near panic on the inside. I was too terrified to move and didn't know why. There were other sensations in my body that I didn't understand and my nipples were growing hard. I think what I was feeling in my groin was that I was picking up the sensation of Michael getting an erection. My breath was coming in short gasps and my heart was racing a mile a minute. I felt his arms gently encircle my neck as he bent down to whisper in my ear. He told me that being with me makes him very excited and that he would really like to make love to me.

Geez, Michael, we're only sixteen, what the heck do we know about love, I asked. He said not that kind of love, he really wanted to have sex with me. Oh, well, that's different. Michael, you numb skull, my parents would kill me if they found out. He told me his were gone for the week end and neither of ours had to know. We could just go to his house and have a little fun. Flashback!

I'm six again. (for the moment) I see the pole and the hole. Having fun. I remember the tingly feeling when I would rub my crotch. Wasn't the same as the pole in the hole, I'm sure, but it was interesting. After a few years, my hair brush handle became my best friend. I also remembered how much I wondered just what it would feel like with some guy's pole in there. I guess it was about time I found out.

I'm back. He stood up straight and walked around in front of me and held out his hand. Still in a daze, I took it and stood up. He headed for his house and I blindly followed like a puppy on a leash. Was I anything less at the moment? Nope! When we got to his house we went around to the back, he pulled out his key and unlocked the door. We entered, he closed and relocked the door then we went up three steps into the kitchen. My jaw dropped as I looked around, the place was huge! A large, open, country style kitchen with an island in the middle. I was leaning on this island when Michael came up, put his hands on my waist and gently turned me around. Since we are the same height our eyes met dead on. My God, his were such a beautiful shade of blue, I could get lost in them! He asked me if I was okay with doing this and I said I didn't know. We would have to see as it went. Then he asked me how do I want to start. I told him this is my first time and I don't have a clue. He thought for a second then said let's try this. With that, he cupped my face softly in his hands and slowly pulled my lips to his.

KA-BLAAMMM!!! There was that danged lightning bolt again! Not complaining, mind you, it just caught me off guard again. The bolt shot straight through my lips to my brain, then to my heart, stopping it again and then to my stomach, exploding every last butterfly I had. My knees went weak and I had to throw my arms around his neck to keep from collapsing. We kissed hungrily and deeply. Like it was our last kiss. Then he started kissing on my left ear, nibbling around the outer edge then probed deep inside with that burning hot tongue. I thought he would set my ear right on fire. Now he took the entire four inch length of my silver chain ear ring into his mouth. He put his lips together and pulled back letting the chains trail slowly out of his mouth, which I could see out of the corner of my eye. Then he repeated the process on the right ear. All this was driving me crazy. In a good way!

His hands slid under my top, then slowly moved up my ribs and around to my back where he caressed so gently. Fortunately, there was no bra to get in the way. I usually don't wear one unless Mom makes me. I like the way they bob and jiggle when I walk. And judging from the looks I get from the guys, they do too. The other girls hated me for it. His fingers traced circles on my back from my shoulder blades to the top of my rear end. He started back up going along my ribs again and went up to softly tickle my arm pits.

Now going back down my ribs to the front just below my breasts then down to toy with my belly button. I swear, I was undergoing a slow electrocution with those electric eel fingers of his. Then he started straight up from there. My breath caught in my throat at the idea of where he was headed. When he got there, the world came to an end. Well, stopped for a moment, anyway. His soft, warm hands glided smoothly over and around each large, firm globe of flesh. I have massaged my own breasts before and it felt rather nice but his touch was absolutely electrifying. The only hands ever to touch them other than mine. His palms did circles on my nipples. I never thought it was possible for them to stand up any more than the were, but they did. They tingled like hundreds of little needles were poking them.

At that point he broke the kiss, lifted my top up and off and tossed it on the floor. Then he picked me up by the waist and set me on the island we had been leaning on. This brought my breasts up to the level of his face. He stared at them for a moment then said, My God, they are sooo beautiful.

My breath caught again in anticipation of what I figured was about to happen. In my mind I was seeing what I wanted him to do next. And he did it. Right on cue he cupped my right breast in both his hands, lifted slightly then brought his hot, open lips right down on top of the nipple. Wow! It's like he read my mind. Or maybe I planted the idea there and he thought it was his own idea. I'm not too sure what the heck was going on inside his mouth but the sensation was driving me to to heaven. Then he would suck on it then pull his head back and let it come out of his mouth with a loud POP! Then he repeated the process on the left side. POP! Back and forth. POP! POP! By now my whole body was quivering like the San Francisco earthquake and sounding like a corn popper. Never before had I experienced sensations like these and I didn't want them to stop. Ever.

Next he he worked his way down my tummy to my belly button, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. He lingered there, probing with his hot, delicious tongue, taking little nibbles with his teeth. My stomach was so packed with butterflies that I thought I was becoming sick. Then he told me to lie back and raise my hips. What in the world for, I wondered, but I was so wrapped up in all these new feelings that I didn't much care, as long as he didn't quit any of it. I braced my feet on the edge of the counter and thrust my pelvis skyward. In the blink of an eye my red satin panties were on the floor with my top. He raised my legs until my knees were almost touching my breasts and asked me to hold them there. He just stood there staring at my.... well, you know.... down there.

A big smile crept across his face and I asked what's wrong. He said there's nothing wrong, it's something so right. He looked at me, his eyes all glassy and said he never thought that that part of my body could look so beautiful. He started moving his finger tips softly down the insides of my thighs, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through me. He moved in little circles and wavy lines, greatly prolonging the trip and my ecstasy until finally he was within, I'm guessing, a half inch of my....umm.... my special place. He lightly fingered the blond fuzz that sprouted there. And then I felt a most glorious sensation when one of his fingers touched the little bump in the middle. Oh my god, the electricity was flowing again. I was watching in awe as he slowly worked his way around the entire area, gently toying with the soft flesh that lined the opening of my....you know. I'm not sure what is a nice name for that area and I don't like to use vulgar names. As I watched him, he moved his face closer and closer till it looked like he could just thrust out his tongue and lick it. Then he did! Holy Crap!!! I pee from that area and he wants to lick it? What ever floats his boat, I guess. I nearly went into convulsions from the exquisite feeling that exploded in me. His tongue was working frantically on the little button, sending wave after wave of convulsive pleasure through me. I was shaking all over and broke out in a sweat. Suddenly it all stopped. No, please,don't stop, I cried in my mind.

He took my hands and told me to sit up. Then he put my arms around his neck then picked me up off the counter just as slick as you please. He carried me through the dinning room and through another door into his bedroom. Hmmm, I'm thinking, so this is where the final blow is to be struck. He set me down standing at the edge of the bed. With a motion that was almost too quick to follow, he had my black, elastic-waistband, knit, mini skirt down to my ankles. I stepped one foot out and with the other kicked it off into the unknown somewhere. Then he just stood there, looking at me with his hands on his hips. I gave him a look like, now what. All he did was raise his eyebrows and cock his head to the side a little as a smile slowly, again, crept across his face. DUH! I finally got it! It was my turn to pleasure him as he had done to me. I was feeling kinda scared because I had never done anything like this before. I wasn't sure how to proceed. I think he sensed my hesitation because he looked me in the eyes, cupped my face in his soft, warm hands and told me to just do what feels right. Then he kissed me with that special way he has of kissing. I fairly melted on the spot.

Okay, so, where to start. Oh, I guess it's already started, since I'm currently in the middle of this absolutely fabulous kiss. I should just go from there, huh? Okay.

Very gently I pulled back from his incredible lips. Believe me, I didn't want to, and moved to his left ear. With the tip of my long, almost lizard-like tongue, I traced its outline, nibbling the edge a little as I went. I worked my way down to the lobe where a silver hoop hung. Gently grasping the hoop in my teeth I gave a couple tugs on it, then moving up to the fleshy part, gave a few nibbles there. Then I shifted to his right ear and repeated the process. I could feel little quivers go through him as I held him in my arms. Then a few nibbles and kisses on the sides of his neck. His breath was coming in short gasps. I reached down to his waist and took hold of the bottom of his tee shirt and slowly lifted it up and off. I flung his shirt off somewhere to join my skirt.

I marveled at the musculature of his chest and arms. Very well built with good definition. I found this alone to be very exciting, but I don't know why. I asked him if he works out and he said that he has a Bow Flex machine in the basement. Wow! My Superman! I started caressing the muscles of his chest and arms as he stood there with his arms behind his back, I was in in awe of the strength that lies within. No wonder it was so easy for him to carry me, and being five foot ten, I'm not all that light.

His pecs were very well developed, kind of giving him man-boobs. I found that very attractive, and I found his nipples to be very tasty. I sucked and nibbled them, back and forth. He was breathing quite heavy now. I never knew I would be able to have that effect on someone. As he had done to me, I left a kissy trail straight down to his belly button as I sat on the edge of the bed. I tarried there for a spell, getting excitement from his response to my affections. Then I glanced down and noticed a suspicious bulge in his pants. Hmmm, I said, looking up at him, looks like we have a horse that is raring to get out of the confines of the barn. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Of their own accord, my trembling hands went to his belt buckle. Deliberately going slow I started the process of gaining entrance to said barn, “accidentally” bumping the horse as he galloped around in there. Finally the buckle released its grip and flopped open. Next I very slowly pulled the zipped down, stopping occasionally to heighten his sense of anticipation. The horse was pushing so hard against the door that I had to pull out and around to get by it. Now the button, POP! Everything came unglued at once. The button popped open, the pants escaped my grip and fell straight to the floor. Only the straining spandex of his briefs kept the horse from running me over. A step and a kick and pants went to join skirt and shirt. Only one barrier left before the wild stallion runs free.

I marveled at the sheer size of this bulging behemoth, running my finger tips over the outline of it. I wanted to free this prancing palomino but at the same time I wanted to prolong Michael's excitement, make him wait for it. I placed my hands on his outer thighs and mover slowly up and around back to come up and massage his very sexy buns. I slid my fingers inside his briefs through the leg hole and got two big hands full of his beautiful butt. I squeezed, massaged and pinched them, working my fingers deep into the crevice between his cheeks for what he must have thought was way too long. Actually, I was very reluctant to let go of them. They felt so good in my hands. Well, let's get on with this, I thought. I grabbed the waistline of his immorally tight undies and give them a quick jerk downward. Needless to say, I was not prepared for what happened next.

As the garment slid down, the beast within was released all at once. While I was pulling down I was leaning forward a bit and as the horse broke free of it's stall, it leaped out and tagged me right on the end of my nose. Startled witless, I let out a scream that could be heard two blocks away. Geez, I hope not, actually. I recoiled so strongly that I flopped backwards onto the bed. Michael was roaring with laughter and that huge horse was jumping up and down with every burst of air coming from his lungs. That Clydesdale was so big he could have pulled the Budweiser wagon all by his lonesome. It was even complete with two barrels of beer hanging below. Think-St. Bernard. In the middle of it all, I was totally captivated by the sight of that monster pole.

I sat up and stared at it. It was so big and beautiful. It must have had magnets in it because my hands went straight to it. And it was so so hard, did I mention that it was big? I wrapped both my hands around it and still had stuff hanging out both ends. Yup! It was big. Did he do exercises that enlarged this too? I had seen pictures of naked men before but none of them had a tool like this one. And for now, it was all mine!

I wasn't really sure what to do next. I've never held one of these till now. Keep in mind that up to this point, I'm still a virgin. I don't believe, however, that that status is going to last much longer. My virginity is doomed. Yea! I think.

Staring at this magnificent mound of manly meat I tried to imagine what would make it feel good. Light stroking, wet lips, hot tongue? Yeah, I got all that. But, this is where he pees from. And this is the pole that goes in the hole. Do I really want that in my mouth? While I pondered that $64,000 question, I tenderly slid my hands up and down his shaft, all the way to the top where I traced circles on the head down to the bottom to cup and massage his family jewels. While repeating this a few times, I couldn't help but wonder what it would taste like. I just had to find out.

I paused briefly, contemplating the beautiful head. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against it, sampling the texture of his skin. Mmmm, so warm and smooth. Had a nice smell, too. I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue a little and licked the underside of the head. Michael let out a loud moan and I jumped back, startled. What, Michael, did I do something wrong, I asked, did I hurt you? He told me that I hadn't, it just felt so good. He had had his eyes closed, engulfed in the moment and the sensation startled him a bit but he said to do whatever I wanted. So I decided to continue where I left off.

I sat back up and grasped his manhood in such a way that the entire bottom side was left open, then starting at the bottom just above his testes, I pushed my entire tongue out against it and slowly slid up to the top where I drew circles around the head with the tip of my tongue. I just figured out the answer to my previous question. YES! I want that titanic tool in my mouth!!! The moans and other sounds coming from Michael were getting louder and more intense. Oh, Nova, he swooned, you have no idea how wonderful that feels. I looked up to see that he is now watching every movement I made. I'm glad, I said as I took the entire head in my mouth this time, swirling my tongue round and round. I could feel his shaft stiffen and pulse in my mouth. I could feel his heart beat on my lips.

I wanted to see how much of this beast I could get into my mouth so I Just slowly worked my way down until I got a little gagging feeling in my throat then came up a bit. A little over half way, not too bad, but I want all of it in there. Gonna take some work, I see. Have to learn how to control that gag thing. With a little determination, I started back down. When I reached the gag point I paused, took a deep breath then pushed on. I got about half of the remaining distance before I had to pull back to breathe. Hmm, getting better. But for now I was content to just bob up and down within my range and hope he would be satisfied. Judging by the sound coming from him, he was. Cool.

Just as I was getting into the rhythm of things, Michael gently pulled back and said to hang on a sec. He went around and laid down on the bed with his head just below the pillow. Then he told me to straddle him facing the other way, to, like, sit on his face. Sit on your face, Micheal? What in the world for? He told me not to worry, that he guaranteed I would like it. He'd been doing pretty good so far, so I decided to trust him. He said to let his hands guide my hips and to go back to what I was doing. Yeah! I would definitely like to do that. So, I got into the position he wanted and then I set my sights on his marvelous maypole. I just opened my mouth and started swallowing his super shaft. Down, down I went, just about to the gag point, pause, deep breath, then I just went for broke. I went down so far that my nose was buried in the flesh of his scrotum. No gag. And it went in easier than before. WHAM! I was being electrocuted again.

I think it was that the curvature of his penis more closely fit the curvature of my throat and fit just right. Just as I reached the bottom of his shaft, his entire tongue shot into my pole hole. I swear all the power generated by Hoover Dam just went through there. My God, is there no end to the wonderment he can do? Well, I kinda hope not, anyway. He thrust that thing in and out of there faster than a jack hammer. I tried to keep pace with him on his shaft but his tongue is definitely faster. Soon I had to come up for air. While I was recharging my air tanks I just used my hand to keep stroking him. No sooner had I started that then his whole body went stiff and his tool swelled in my hand. The next thing you know, it puked right in my face. It startled me so much I let out a scream and as I did, it puked in my mouth. I sat upright in shock and it puked three times more all over my breasts. I was dumbfounded. But the warm liquid felt really nice on my chest. And I noticed that the stuff in my mouth didn't taste all that bad either. A bit salty but kinda nice, actually. There was still some oozing from him so I just swallowed him again. All the way down. I could feel a little more squirt out in my throat, it was a neat feeling. Some time I would like him to do the whole thing in my throat. Suddenly, I started getting this weird feeling in my groin area. Michael was still doing his thing down there but there was something else.

There was a quivering that went throughout my whole body. It was similar to shivering but went much deeper. I was unable to control my self, my body was stiffening, spasms, I could feel fluid of some sort flowing out of my hole, was I peeing on him, then it hit. WHAMMY!!! I had to pull Michael out of my throat so I could scream. AAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE I saw nothing but endless fireworks and my eyes were closed. Just how the heck could that happen? Had I just gone insane? I rolled off Michael breathing like I had just run a marathon race. I was having uncontrollable spasms. My head was spinning like a tornado. I could barely speak. Michael!!! What just happened? Did you slip me some drugs or something! No, my sweet lady, he replied, we just had our first orgasm.

Orgasm! Is that what that was. I've heard about those but could never quite grasp just what they were supposed to be. Now that I know, I want another one! By the way, just how did you know all that stuff to do. He said his Dad has a book called Kama Sutra and he would sneak in and read it when he was home alone. He said he always hoped he would meet someone to experience all this with. My God, Michael, is that what this is all about? You just want to use me for sex? I was ready to clobber him like I did my Dad. No, Nova, he said, good God, NO! Right from the beginning I only wanted you as a friend, to be your best friend. Right now, he continued, you are my best friend, and I hope I can be yours. Please believe that I would never do anything to hurt you that way. You mean too much to me for that. I saw tears trickle from his eyes and I knew he was telling the truth. Now I felt like a heel, accusing him of using me, my eyes now leaking. I'm so sorry Michael, please forgive me? You're so sweet, I should have known better. I threw my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. How can I make this up to you? He just put his arms around me and held me close. My heart and mind sort of just drifted around to the level of cloud nine, taking in his warmth, his strength, the fresh smell of sex filled out nostrils.

He gently laid me down on the bed with my head on the pillow and then straddled my legs and laid on top of me, supporting most of his weight on his knees and elbows. He cradled my head in his gentle hands and we did a lot of kissy stuff, his muscular chest pressing against my full breasts. He moved in such a way that his chest kinda massaged my nipples and it was making them hard again. As he did so, I could feel his manhood firming up again and I thought, uh oh, this is going to be the Big Kahuna. I was giddy with anticipation. This is what I have wanted to experience since the day I beat up Dad. I reached between us and pinched and tweaked his nipples, scratching lightly with my long finger nails. I swear I could feel rigor mortis set in to his love shaft, but I knew that it was far from dead. He rose up with glassy eyes and said to please forgive him and that he couldn't wait any longer. He sat up on his knees, reached into a drawer in the night stand and pulled out a tube of K-Y. I watched in silence as he applied some to the head of his penis and them some on my lower lips, then replaced the cap then laid the tube on the stand. He pushed my legs so far back my butt rose into the air. He grabbed a spare pillow, put it under my hips then let me back down with my legs resting on his shoulders.

Butterflies went fluttering by again and I was breathless with anticipation as the tip of his tool lightly touched my panic button. Waves of excitement swept over me as he slid it up and down, back and forth, spreading the cool, wet lubricant around. Then, using his hand he guided his missile toward its silo. He told me that since this is my first time it might hurt a little bit but it won't last long and that it will feel so good afterward. I just give him a little nod and closed my eyes. I felt his divine drill locate the opening and start pushing lightly. He kept watching my face for signs of discomfort but continued forging slowly ahead. I could feel the lips part as he began to enter me. Little by little it slid inward, the walls of the canal stretching to accommodate the intruder. Fraction by fraction the tubular explorer made its way inside the cozy hiding place. Deeper and deeper it slides. I begin to feel so full of his meat that I must be about to explode. I am starting to feel a touch of discomfort but no real pain yet. I don't let it show on my face because I don't want him to stop for anything. Especially a little discomfort.

It is still sliding farther and farther in when suddenly, it hits bottom. Here we go again with the earthquakes and lightning storms. The feeling is absolutely indescribable. Now it starts to back out all the way to the end until it no longer touches me, then forward to refill the chasm. In and out, over and over, hitting the bottom on one end and falling out on the other. There are, unfortunately, no words in the English language to accurately describe the overwhelming sensation I am experiencing. I pray it will never end, although I know it must at some point.

Michael starts pumping faster and faster, my hips rising now to meet his thrusts. I feel his jewels banging my butt and my boobs are trying to slap me in the face. I wrap my long legs around Michael's waist as he rides me into the sunset. Aaahh, aaahh, aaahh, I cry out with each slam dunk of his powerful, pumping, passion piston. His body starts quivering out of control, he stiffens, we both scream. AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I feel a tremendous flood of love juice filling my innards. My own fire works blinding me. Both of us in uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy. Absolute bliss. I've just had my very own pole in the hole party. Now I know what Dad meant by “having some fun”. Fun is such a mild word for such an intense experience.

Completely spent, Michael flops down on the bed beside me. I rest my head on his shoulder and look down at his shrinking shaft, slowly fading away to a fraction of its former self. I told him it looks like his equipment has been overworked. He agreed. He said he needed to go clean it up, too. I popped up and said, no, no, allow me to do the honors. He smiled and said OK. I immediately swallowed the whole thing again, (I'm getting good at this) sucking and slurping up all our love juices and the sweet tasting K-Y remnants. I raised up letting it slip out of my mouth with a loud pop. Then I vigorously sucked and licked his balls until they were sparkling clean. Just for good measure I swallowed his pole one more time just because it felt so good in my throat and I loved the taste of it. After a few seconds I let it go and returned to his shoulder. The Royal Penis is now clean, Sire, I quipped with a big smile. He just giggled and pulled me closer to him. Mmmm, this is so nice, I thought. This would be a nice way to go to sleep. In a moment, we did.
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