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by Rick H
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A rhythmic view of the human thread binding us together A search and answer for that tie
Common Bond

Thinking of us all on this Earth,
Common and king of equal worth.
Searching for some single thread.
A point, common, in us bred.

That one special item that binds us.
A single experience that finds us.
What unifying piece of humanity?
Our perspective or sanity?

It's not our strength nor weakness.
Not our boldness nor meekness.
It's not what's achieved or attained.
Nor what is lost or gained.

The fact, my friend, is surely sad.
We're all a kin by hurts we've had.
What appears now our common start.
Really is just the pains of heart,

All different people and faces.
In all distant lands and places.
All experience heartbreak and sorrow.
Yesterday, today or tomorrow.

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