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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Drama · #1537797
Jessica tries to get her father to a hospital and Morgan has a new problem.
The Key Part V

Jessica put her hand to her head in an attempt to get an idea of what she needed to do. She rose to her feet and looked Arthur Sellers in the eyes.

“Get your car and bring it in the driveway close to the back door. I think that with the three of us, we can lift dad up and put him into the back of your car. Oh, do you have a cell phone?”

“Yes, why?”

“My cell phone’s battery just died. I might need to make a call. And which hospital is closer? General Memorial or that St. Mary’s? You know the traffic on any freeway may be congested at this time.”

“Oh I would go to General Memorial for sure. There might be a little traffic, but it has the best ER doctors anywhere.” Arthur said as he turned quickly and went to his garage to get his car.

The kitchen door opened and Jessica’s mother entered. She had the look of tears running down her cheek as she knelt down to get a closer look at her now very pale looking husband. “Gregory, can….can…can you hear me dear? Please do something to let me know you can hear me.” She picked up the cloth that was near his head and started to clean his chin and neck area.” Gregory showed no response.

“Mother, what did the operator say?” asked Jessica as she cleared the pathway to the door. She next pushed the table a little further out of the way.

“Oh she said that it might be ten minutes before any ambulance to come. Oh look. He feels so cold now. Do you have anything that we can use to keep him warm?”

Just then Arthur came driving up in his car. A car door slam was next. He rushed to the door and looked at both Jessica and her mother. “Jessica, my car is here. Are you ready to go? I was thinking, your father is quite heavy. Warren is across the street. Do you want me to get him to help?”

“Arthur, mother has just told me that the 9-1-1 operator has sent an ambulance. That was about five minutes ago. By the time we get dad into your car, they might be here. They have paramedics with oxygen and other stuff. Can you get Warren and both be here to put him in your car in a minute?”

“That is okay, but remember for anything that I have seen like this, time is important. I’ll get Warren. But I think that if the ambulance is not here by then, we need to go.”

“Yes okay. “ Jessica then knelt down to look at her father again.

At the police station
The police booking area was quiet except for the suspect who was giving information. There were only two other people and one more officer in the room. A tall teenaged boy in a dirty, torn shirt and dirty jeans looked around clenched his handcuffed fists. The police sergeant repeated the question, “Okay kid, I will ask again, is this your real name and address on the driver’s license?”

The boy just stared into space above the head of the sergeant. He wiped his blood-caked nose on the shoulder area of his shirt. He shifted the weight from one foot to the other. The policeman behind him leaned closer to talk. “Hey, kid, you need to be honest because now you are going to jail and will have to answer the questions one time or other.”

The boy looked at the policeman who was about one inch shorter and twenty pounds lighter. He looked past that policeman and started to smile. The policeman turned his head to see what was so interesting. With that movement, the kid’s hands suddenly became free and he grabbed the policeman’s gun. His other free hand grabbed the policeman by the neck and squeezed very hard.

There went up a scream from a lady in the back of the room.

“Shut up and everyone against the wall. You too pig man.” to the officer in the booth.

“Hey kid this is not going to work. You will never get out of here.” said the officer as he got out of the booth.

“You think so. Put that gun on the chair here. Don’t try anything funny because I have shot guns before and I think I am pretty good. “ said the kid with an evil sneer on his face. He backed up so he could pick up the gun. Then he choked his hostage more.

The kid and his hostage moved toward the door. He put the gun at the temple of the officer. “I don’t want to see anyone come out this door after we leave or this cop is as good as gone.” He pushed his way through the swinging doors and out the front door. Outside was a car with a small black man helping an older lady out. The kid let go of the officer, pushed the couple both down an hopped into the driver’s area and drove off.

In the jail area sat Morgan and the kid’s best friend. The younger boy sat on the bed with his back on the wall. He stared straight ahead. Morgan could only look at the floor saying, “ I can’t believe this has happened,” several times.

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear your stupid voice.” said the young boy finally as he moved closer to the edge of the bed.

“I’m just worried about….” said Morgan as he looked into the eyes of the boy.

The boy suddenly jumped up and ran over to Morgan and started choking him. “I don’t care. You think I care anything about you, jerk?” said the kid as he pulled Morgan to the floor to start beating him up.

Morgan put his hands up to try to get the boy to release his neck. “Help someone! I am being attacked. Help! H e l p ” he said as his breath was running out.

Now Morgan is in real trouble. All of the officers were going to the booking room to help so was anyone there to attend to the prisoners? Will Morgan be killed? And where is that ambulance for Jessica’s father?
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