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The guests arrive at the Inn and Vivian warms them up for their stay!

Chapter 3

         “Welcome to The V V Inn. I’m Vivian, one of the owners. I’m here to help make your stay an enjoyable one.” Turning my inner thoughts out, I project sensuality through every pore. Between my legs I’m dripping wet, which means I can smell my own arousal in the air. The other vampires can too, and I get hotter thinking about it.

         The man striding in from the main entrance has no mate on his arm. He’s olive-skinned with dark hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a custom-made black Italian suit, he saunters toward me. The power radiating off the handsome newcomer labels him a vampire like a calling card for the undead. I can tell by the tingling push against my skin that he’s been dead about fifty years. It’s safe to assume he is not the head of this seethe. He might be the Antonio listed in my file.

         His eyes lock on mine while my desire coils about him like a snake. Approaching the front desk, his tan nostrils flare when he takes a deep sniff. “I’d heard this place was like candy for your soul,” he observes, “but I had no idea.” Like most predators, he zeros in on what he considers to be prey, not sparing a glance at the surrounding lobby.

“You look good enough to eat.” His smile appears cold and calculated.

This is the drawback to pushing sexual feelings at guests when they walk through the door. Some foolish recipients direct their reactions back at me instead of the people they came with. I can sense that this young vamp hopes to stir my interest and entice me closer. Since I’ve never responded to corny one-liners in my past, I don’t see why I should now.

I smile, but don’t respond. My mother always told me if you don’t have something nice to say, not to say anything at all. I sometimes succeed in following that advice, but not often.

         It’s obvious I’m like him, undead, but he’s unable to guess my true age. Like all smart women, I hide my age well. Controlling what others of my species sense of my power is intentional. Old blood is desired by all of our kind, especially the young ones. It helps them to grow strong enough to survive being prey to a more powerful vampire. The younger members of a seethe are bound in this need to the head of their family through exchanged blood.

         Antonio’s gaze on my neck clearly indicates he hopes to taste my power and see what surprises my curvy body may hold.  No matter how handsome I may find the young vamp, he will be disappointed. Although I may enjoy a good fantasy now and then, it doesn’t change the fact that Rafe and I are married -- neither of us will break our vows.

         That doesn’t mean I don’t share my power through my blood. I do. Blood can be enjoyed in other ways than the mouth-on-neck route. I’m more generous than most of my kind. We serve shots of my blood mixed with alcohol at the bar. Of course, it sells for a steep price.

          I decide to push a little with my mind to ensure Antonio sees me differently. With a delicate touch, I weave through his mind, inserting the thought that having me as his latest conquest would not be not worth the trouble. The exchange is quick, going unnoticed by the new guest. Antonio turns to the desk to register, appearing less concerned with me. The tent in his tailored pants means he’s aroused though he can’t remember why.

         I repeat my greeting when the rest of the party comes through the double doors, then step back to allow them some time to register. Again, I push with my desire, feeling my cravings wrap around their senses while invading their minds. They’ll feel warmth touch their skin, then my emotions and thoughts will become their own.

The rest of the MacKellan group advances about twenty feet before they stop and stare up as the ceiling vaults away. All four are pulled into my web of desire but the three women react like a bunch of high school kids out drinking. Sounding giddy, almost carefree, they’re excited with their adventure and loving every moment. I hear jubilant sighs of “oh” and “ah” as they walk about while peering at the opulent surroundings. The electricity of the crafted moment gives them a high. A few bodies spin around to take in the grandeur of the lobby all at once.

Light sparkles off the twisted glass of the mouth-blown chandelier. Well-polished wood banisters gleam in its soft light. Sounds bounce up off the wood floors, rising, only to be muffled by the three-story, book-lined landings that circle around the lobby.          

A svelte blond vampire whispers, “Do you feel that?”

“I feel something,” Antonio states, turning from the desk.

I note individual reactions to the space while watching the expressions run across their features. The female vamp that spoke looks like she’s close to going over the edge from the vibe I’m sending out. She breathes heavy, her lips parted, while her glassy eyes stare at nothing in particular.

She looks ripe and I’m going to enjoy bringing her to completion. The energy signature pulsing from her feels young, close to Antonio’s age. This could be Joanna. Her black goth attire looks cute on her athletic Barbie figure, but I bet cute wasn’t what she was hoping for when she picked it out this morning.

         The only other man in the group, Liam MacKellan, sends his energy out in a wave before him. His rude electric broadcast prickles my skin. It’s strong. Unless he blocks it, it could get uncomfortable for me to be in a room with him for any length of time. I would judge him to be a little over three hundred, much younger than my own five hundred eighty years. He’s unquestionably the head of this seethe. His regal bearing and dominant strength remind me of a clansman of ages past. Liam may be dressed all in black, but I bet he’d look more at home painted blue, wearing a kilt, and wielding an axe.

Liam’s hard countenance reveals nothing while he observes his surroundings. I know he feels my sexual projections but he’s much more controlled than the others. He’ll be a fun one to shake up this week.

         I assume it is his mate, the lush brunette, who has her hand resting in the nook of his arm. She could be the Francesca I have listed in my file, as her coloring reminds me of Italian blood. The woman holds herself with confidence and grace; she would have to be strong to hold her own with him.

Last, I see a petite blond. By her pure smell, I can tell no vampire has laid claim to her yet. Interesting. They have fed from her, but there has been no mutual exchange of blood. I wonder why she was invited if she is not a servant. One companion is not enough to feed three vamps, so why bother to bring her at all? She is pretty in a sweet kind of way. I would almost call her innocent -- except for the company she keeps. If I got Joanna’s name right, then this young thing must be Olivia.

I can hardly contain my compulsive desire to touch them all and read their desires, but that will have to wait a bit longer. Fireworks first. I always like to start the trip off with a bang.

I walk sedately to a nearby sitting area while enjoying the feel of the form-fitting dress embracing my lush curves. Listening to their chatter for the right time to begin my show, I know that timing is crucial in a performance.

Tommy explains some house rules with our guests while distributing room key cards. “Hungry for blood, please call the front desk.  We have willing donors on the premises 24 hours a day. No sharing of blood with your donors. It’s a one-way transaction. Please do not use any vampire mind control to alter memories unless asked by Vivian or Rafe directly -- and she will be checking.” Handing out the last key card, he wraps up his spiel. “Tours and instruction of the third floor rooms will be given at noon tomorrow. Please call if you’d like a private viewing with one of the owners. All other information on the resort can be found in the binder in your room, including the directions for the items in your welcome basket.”

Francesca coos with delight, “Oh, I love welcome baskets. I can hardly wait to see what’s inside!”

Tommy’s answering grin is a knowing one. He has first-hand experience with what’s in those baskets. We give out samples of all the new toys to the staff when a shipment comes in. It’s a great way to ensure their proficient use of the intimate items.

         I try to tune out the rest of the playful banter between the guests by lowering myself into a comfortable chair. I love this part of my job. The first feel our visitors get when they arrive can set the tone for their whole vacation.

Not many vampires have the power to project real-life illusions, and of those who can, none are able to fool their fellow undead -- except me. I’m the only powerful manipulator left of my kind. The rest have been hunted down and killed to ensure no vampire can mind control another. 

         Who would guess they were vacationing with one of the best enforcers our vampire council has ever seen? Here, residing at a resort above the Arctic Circle, I hide while using my gift.  The no-daylight setting, combined with my hidden skill, guarantees that everyone will have a good time, and my added proficiency ensures I’m never suspected.

I cross my legs, debating how far to go tonight. This group has a lot of dynamics I’m unaware of but I’d like to take a risk and push the envelope. Opening my mate bond to see Rafe’s thoughts might help me decide.

         Reading my mind makes him smile. Go for it, Dria. But leave the employees be. Tommy’s already half in love with you, I suspect.  You might want to try soothing them from their embarrassment afterward as well.

You’re right on all counts.
I uncross my legs, allowing my thighs to squeeze together a bit before I ease them flat on the chair. I need your help though.

         My husband’s look becomes naked with heat. I take a brief moment to scan the room to reassure myself no one watches, including the sharp-eyed Liam. All clear. They’re excited, on the edge of full-blown arousal, and not questioning why. Pushing outward again, I allow my arousal to enter their minds. Men’s hands reach down to adjust themselves. Women’s faces become flushed with excitement.

Creating a barrier in their minds, I skillfully weave a protective circle around my chair. They will look everywhere except at me. I may be a bit of an exhibitionist but everything has a time and place. Focusing again with my mind brings Rafe back into view. His mouth appears full and wet, as though he has licked his lips.

          Dria, I want you to open your legs just a bit. I comply. Oh, my love, I can smell you. You need me, don’t you?

         My plea is silent but he hears it. I open my legs while gripping the arms of the chair to keep my hands from plunging into the side slit of my dress to explore my inner folds.

         Relax into the chair. Rest your head back and close your eyes. That’s it, love. Do you feel my finger on you?

         Through our union, my husband has gained a portion of my powers enabling me to feel his finger at my center of being. Right where I need it.

Yes, yes! Harder.

Mmmm, you feel so wet and hot. I know the spot you need it most... let me ease you...

The build-up and blood exposure from earlier have left me incredibly responsive. I knew it would be a fast one, but I hadn’t anticipated how fast.

         My head slams back against the chair while I crash over the peak of sensation.  I want you inside me! 

         Rafe complies and I feel his thick fingers push into my wet sheath, prolonging my release. I share the continuing waves of pleasure with the guests in the room. Instantly, I hear the party of five crest with me. I convulse around the imaginary fingers, shuddering with the last of my climax.

         The guests weren’t aware this could happen and their responses are loud.

“Oh god!”



The surprised cries that reach my ears sound full of intensity.  Hips jerk forward in response while some of their knees give way. My silent moans are conveyed through my mate bond, which also enables me to feel the rigidity of Rafe’s need as well.

         Your pleasure is so hot, liebling. I feel like I’m going to scream with my own need. Come find me and make it soon... His face twists with his longing when he gently closes the link between us.

         Never fear… I’ll not leave you hanging.

Even though he’s closed the link, I know my thoughts can get through when I try. The closing is more like a sheer curtain for privacy than an all-out solid door.

         I raise my head, while pulling the protective circle away, to see women clinging to the person standing closest to them, while the men reach out a hand to steady themselves on the front desk or a nearby piece of furniture. Thankfully, no one loses balance or falls. That’s always much harder to explain away.

Having been the ringmaster to this little circus of pleasure, I regain my composure first, set about easing my guest’s minds of embarrassment while infusing them with contentment.

         As I rise, Tommy meets my eyes over the heads of our guests and smiles. He knows something, but he’s not sure what he knows. I’m able to pinpoint who in a room enjoys an illusion, so he’s never had that kind of experience with my powers. Tommy’s participation in our world is closely limited by me, for his protection, which means he’s not quite sure of all I can do.

I walk over to the front desk, waiting for our guests to slowly come back to the present.

         They all have soft expressions on their faces. None of them have realized yet that they have each shared the same physical experience. The most common reaction is to think it’s just oneself, or to think he or she imagined it all. The mated pair, Liam and Francesca, gaze adoringly at each other, sharing a sigh of contentment. The remaining two young vampires, Antonio and Joanna, appear to almost shine with energy.

         The glow of release with a mate is much more intense than what a vampire can experience with a non-mated partner. My big, strapping stud of a husband has helped me project an orgasm that they never knew existed. 

The human companion, Olivia, has a dazed cast to her features. She reaches up and touches her neck, associating the experience with what she feels from a feeding. Right before my eyes, I see the vamps ease a little bit closer to the humans in the lobby. I’d be willing to bet some major magic will happen upstairs in a few minutes.

         Damn, I’m good.

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