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Chapter two:
Chapter 2

Ret and Anthony headed back into town that nite after eating a big meal.
Ret feilded allot of calls from other workers that day wanting to know what time the trawler was leaving.
Anthony over heard Ret tell each one " early Saturday morning, so dont get to loaded tonight, but if you do, be in bed my midnight, we need every worker on this trip!"
Again Ret stopped to take a veiw of who all was in town before they rolled down the hill into town.
Its a full house Anthony! Ret said. It will be hard to get things fired up without those other workers in on it, but I just cant trust most of em. Damn, most of those guys will sit and pound beers all nite if we get things real fired up.I dont want any workers missing the boat. Ret said.
Ok so we need a way of getting the workers outa there early and home to bed. This is a bit more compicated than I first thought, but Iam sure not all of em will stay an get stewed till late. How about if we get this moonshine out early, get everyone as taosted as posibbly fast as possible? Ret pondered out load.
Shouldnt be hard. Said Anthony How about if we start by buying some rounds for em, then you pull the shine out and get em going an a couple drinks of that? Then I will offer to buy em a steak at Maurys. Once they get a big meal in them they should get tired from all the booze and I will talk about getting home to bed so I dont miss the trawler in the morning.
Good plan Said Ret make it happen! I,ll start to work on the freeloaders after you leave. Head back to the bar and help me butter those fools up then. Its a deal! said Anthony.

Bill told me he would keep an eye out for any of em driving drunk too tonight so maybe we,ll get lucky and one or two will join there rat freinds in the can tonight to! he he he he chuckled. Oh shit thats rich Anthony laughed.
As they rolled up the ally behind the bar they saw Freeto standing on the same corner he was yesterday talking to a couple workers. Whats the little shit up to? Ret asked curiously No idea. Anthony replied. Maybe he,s telling em to get to bed early an not sit in the bar all night getting drunk. The freeloaders most likely have him up to that!
Well good it works for us both if thats what he,s doing. God all the scheming going on right now, it makes me sick!
We have to do what were doing, those freeloaders created this war! Ret said. Iam with ya!.. said Anthony. It takes a real low life to pull the crap there pulling. We end up getting less because they set them selves up and basically tricked us all into makeing their cash for them, were damned if we do an damned if we dont. So they want play games? Lets play games! Exacly! Ret said as he punched at the air. I want to make a little stop over to Petes house before we go in and ask him if he will be mysteriously absent form the docks tomorrow so none of the freeloaders that miss the boat can get a ride out to the trawler from him.
Ret pulled up in front of a small all wood cottage at the end of town next to the docks. He reached inside his jacket pocket and pull a envelope with a wad of cash in it and thumbed two one hundred doallar bills out, folded em an shoved them into his pants pocket, jumped out of the truck, said Wait here Anthony I,ll be right back.

He returned shortly with a smile and told Anthony: Petes good, he will take a ride to the south shore with his wife for some shopping tomorrow early, that takes care of that loose end. Sounds like you have pretty much thought this thing out? Anthony said.
Yep Ret said, Have been going over this possible situation in my head for a long time..
Pete said he counted twelve freeloaders this morning he hasnt seen latley so we have our work cut out for us tonight.
By my count that will make at least 40 of em. If we can get at least 10 way layed one way or the other we,ll be in much better shape. To be honest a few may work includeing Rob, he dosent always freeload, last trip he knew we werent going to get a humongus catch, but when we hit prime season he usually pitchs in a bit sometimes. Wants as much money as he can when its worth it. So basically its down to the 20 hard core freeloaders and the catch will put us over the $24k mark you think? Yep thats what Iam counting on Ret replied. Maybe better since those greedy freeloaders will see some of their buddies missing an maybe come to the conclusion that they can make a killing if they give us a hand when an if we hit a couple jack spot spots. I have a couple of $k here Anthony, if you hear any freeloaders in the bar whinning about coming along point em out to me, I,ll try to buy em off this trip.
Anthony nodded in agreement as Ret fired the old chevy up and turned back toward the bar. I, ll share that cost with ya Ret with my share of the catch money. Anthony said to Ret.
Well said Ret, maybe next round you can do the same, dont worry about it for now. We need to organize a little an see who else we can trust among the workers. We only have about a year to pull this off, thats probably only 3-4 more runs this year. Not really allot of time to get the 4-5 guys I think we can trust outa all those workers, and to find out if they can even afford to do it.
A good catch means two things to most of those guys, one they forget about the freeloaders cause they get a good pay check, and two they get lazy and just wait around for the next trip, spend their money on foolish shit and are basically worthless to us as possible partners in our plan.
They cant hold a cognit thought for longer than a couple seconds much less look a year or two down the road.
My worry is Anthony that once the original 10 freeloaders get a good offer to sell, they will pull the rug out from underneath this thing once they all feel that they have a big enough pile of loot made off it.
Thats why you dont see all the freeloaders boarding every trip, some of em are gearing down and looking for something easier to do. They dont want to pull their investment cash out, they will want to make one big killing on the sale of the vessal and try to get the workers back into a working for cheap type set up with the new owner. I know the hard core freeloaders are against it at the moment, its the ones you usually dont see here that are pushing for that.

What about Rob? Anthony asked. Well Rob came along late an brought a bunch of workers with him when they wrere haveing problems getting workers. But he didnt have the big front money he needed at the time but they let him slide in because of the crew he brought. Rob worked all the time the first year. When I came on he started slacken off because the main ten freeloaders liked him an convinced him he wasnt needed at the nets. So he started freeloading with them and has been ever since.
Ret continued: I was going to call up my freinds down at the south shore and get em on board with this untill freeloading became bad. The word spead fast that we were all getting rich and one by one more workers bought in, then turned to freeloader after the years end. Thats how I paid off my house and saved the $200k . If I had been there from the start I would have ten times that much. At the end of season when I came on we had 60 workers and only the ten or so freeloaders. We averaged 40k a trip! But Rob mentioned to me that they had averaged $100k each after he got there for 12 trips that first year!
Good lord Anthony exclaimed, An I was happy with $18k!!!
So we are getting screwed to the tune of what maybe a good solid $40k or more per trip? On a good run yeah,Ret said.. the maybe more part depends on the divide between freeloaders and amount of workers, but yep for every freeloader were loseing cash big time.

They arrived behind the bar... Anthony thought ahead into his future pondering all Ret had revealed to him. He thought of all the years of back breaking work he had done for so little pay compared to what he could make on a ship full of decent hard workers. He imagined himself growing older and wondered exactly what Ret thought of as his retirment age. Anthony had seen to many guys work till they could barly stand becuase they were way to old to take that kind of pounding. He rememberd the terror and frustrated looks on those workers faces as they gave into their fate. He remembered seeing old boys lost in exhaustion and getting caught in a net being dragged out, never to be seen again, or one old boy getting hit by the net as it was hauled in an breaking his neck. because he was leaning against the hoist taking a rest and not paying attention. The look of death on their faces as they slept when he would walk by their bunks at night, all white and blloodless, worn out to the bone.
This trawler would let him make enough to retire a little earlier than that, but not early enough to escape the hardest years of work.
He thought Ret was well off enough, but probably didnt want to keep working another 10 years like this.
That guys going to make our trawler idea work I know it, and get himself outa the killer years of work as early as he can.
You ready! Ret snapped at Anthony, looked like you were deep in thought there? Yeah just thinking about the future a bit, anthony said.
K well lets go in there and make em pay! with that they slamed their doors and headed into the bar.

Once inside the insults wrere already flying and Ret didn not wait to hear wrere the conversation was, Hi D bags! he said to the freeloaders sitting at three tables together. A roar went up from the workers all ganged on one side of the bar. Ha ha Rets here ! a couple workers said loudly. Ya captian crunch probably wants some milk! yelled a freeloader.The freeloaders all giggled With that Ret pulled the bottle of moonshine out an held it up in the air for all to see .. saying, Yeah, I brought my own milk!! Think you wuss,s can handle this? he said as he faced the freeloaders.
Dont waste that on those shit heads! a worker yelled, but one of the freeloaders held his empty glass out and said, Top her off noob! He walked over uncorked the bottle an poured a a small amount into the freeloaders glass, Dont worry Ret said to the workers from behind his back, these lite weights wont be able to put a dent in this shit!
The freeloader took a sip, smiled and said Warm real Warm, thanks Ret. Thats alright your mom already thanked me last nite! Ha ha they all laughed. Ret returned back to the workers side and was greeted with a beer and everyone questioned him about the trip tomorrow. The bar tender eyed the bottle of shine Ret set on the bar and Ret spoke up an said Dont worry, it wont stop the beer from selling, the bar tender said its ok, then quickly turned to wash some mugs in the soapy sink water behind the bar as if to let Ret know he can break a few bar rules. Ret gave Anthony a quick glance with a Hmm look as if to confirm that the bar tender was on their side Anthony confirmed with a confident wink. They drank a few beers and talked.

Then one of the freeloaders came up an put his hand on Rets shoulder and said: Hey Ret you want to sell that bottle to me? Na Ret replied , but you want some more? Sure would be nice! the freeloader replied. Ret asked the bar tender for an empty beer mug and poured it half full of the shine, here take this it ought to last you girls all nite! he he everyone giggled, the freeloader said thanks again Ret I,ll have mom give ya a call! they all laughed at that and the freeloader held the beer mug up to his freinds as he walked back to the table, one of em rubbed his hands greedly and a couple sat back like they wrere ready to enjoy a big meal. Heres to you! one freeloader yelled to Ret, cheers they all said, and each took a shot of the shine. Whew ! one exclaimed a couple nodded in agreement. Watch your coals there Ret yelled loaudly to em, dont want some morons burning the fucking place to the ground! They all laughed wildly and Ret and everyone else could see there faces turning red with the flow of the potent booze and their moods changing to a calmer pace.
Its working like a charm Anthony thought, Ret gave hm another confirming glance at the same time.
A couple of workers had taken a shot of the shine also and Anthony thought it might be a good time to get them out of the bar with a trip to the steak house for a free meal.

Everyone was getting plastered by now and Ret was looking a little anxious so Anthony figured he better speak up.
Hey you guys, Iam headen to the steak house, he leaned and whispered to the workers at the bar, steaks are on me!
Huh? one said, yeah Iam buying! he told them, Well your on! Count me in Me too they all said at the same time.
Finish your beers up an lets roll, Iam walking thou, fine fine they all said. See ya in a bit Ret, but if not I will see ya on board tomorrow. K! Ret said see you guys, Anthony and 4 of the workers walked outa the bar and headed down the road to the Steak house. Once there he bought em all a beer and a shot, they ordered and drank up.

Wheww, that shine is some kicken shit! said one of the younger workers. Yep Said Anthony, Me and Ret had a few shots before we got there, its good.. real smooth but man what kick! I,ll sleep good tonight! Aww this big meal has me getting sleepy too said another worker, think Iam call it a nite, up at 6 an off to the races! he said Yeah why the fuck not said another, if I went back to the bar Id probably stay till 3 am an pay hell the next day. Yeah Anthony said Ret told me we need everyone one board tomorrow any way, he thinks we going to hit the jack pot this round. He does? one said Yep Starkist is pushing every trawler for more Yeller. fin. they want as much as they can get. I guess there going big time one said. Yep I guess Anthony replied Looks like were in for a ride on this one. They all sat for a couple minutes more then slowly got up an left thanking Anthony for tht meal and throwing tip money on the table before they walked away.
Anthony sat there for a minute alone ordered a cup of coffe, poured it down and headed back to the bar.

Meanwhile Back at the Bar Ret followed Tom Hunaman into the bathroom
he was the freeloader Ret said he was going to get plastered so he would miss the trip.
At the wash stand Ret produced the bottle of shine from the bar and took a drink.
He offered it to Tom who gladly took it, tilted it back and took a dangeriously long drink.
Damn Ret thought as Tom swilled the shine, just that much would kill a kid he chuckled in his mind.
what a boozing pig! He said aloud to Tom, fuck you he said and took another big swig, heres your shit back thanks he said as he handed Ret the bottle back. Thats good stuff ret, if I didnt know better I d say that was that Kentucky shine that came in here a long ways back. Did you save that from then? Hell yes replied Ret Woo really, got any more? asked Tom.
Last bottle said Ret, shame shame replied Tom, as he turned an walked back into the bar. God what a dick head thought Ret Well, he,s getting the rest of this later if he,s still standing in an hour he thought with a smile.

He walked back out into the bar checking his balance to make sure he wasnt getting overly plastered, he felt ok and had been nurseing a few beers an only let the shine wet his lips, but would make it look like he was taking a good long drink, so he thought Iam in in good shape. Then Anthony came back in an took his spot back with Ret and the rest of the workers at the bar.
What? Did they all head home after they ate that free meal? Ret asked, Yeah. Anthony said slowly looking for the right words as he didnt want to mention out loud about getting up as early , in case the freeloaders were lost in their booze high, he didnt want them to come to their senses. I guess they had other shit to do. Just then they heard a chair being scooted across the floor and looked to see Tom Hunaman throwing up. God damnit Tom! one of the freeloaders shouted at him as he hung bent over spitting on the floor. Eat shit Tom drunkly shouted from his prone position, my wife is going to kill me I puked on my new shirt. Here said one of them who had a glass of water in his hand, take a drink of this ice water.
Just put a Ten dollar bill in the pocket and tell her someone else puked on you and gave you the ten to get it dry cleaned, well Yeah, but I shit my pants too he said laughing a bit, make it a $20. then the other freeloader laughed back at him.
Ret and Anthony both looked at each other trying not to ball with laughter, but it was too late, the scene and conversation was too much, the whole bar howled with laughter at Toms bent over puking humor. It sounded like a professional drunks replies to another professional drunk. What a perfect time for the fake emergency phone call Ret thought.
Stienman was here and drunk as hell, Toms scene was making them come to their senses, a couple of em were yawning and stretching and Ret thought they had it in their minds to hit the hay and it wasnt even midnight yet.
Ret went to the hall to give his wife a ring to signal her to call the bar and leave the message.
Ret put a finger up an glanced away at Anthony who got the tip that Ret was making the call, so he distracted everyone by yellen Beers On me! Yeah! a roar from the crowd went up and the quiet crowd grew louder again.
Tom was struggling to his feet and looking around like he might have it in him to take the offer of another beer, but his knees were bent a little and it was obvious to all he was a gonner for the night. He sat down staring at the floor, none of the freeloaders were offering to help him. Well fuck you guys I am headen back to my room he said. enjoy my puke! he stood up and stumbled across the floor and disappeared out the door.

Thats four Anthony thought, non of em are leaving with Tom so I guess the greedy bastards will stay and get their free beer at least.
The bartender spilled a mop bucket of water down and mopped Toms lunch up yikes, he said, is this Toms liver or what here?, ha ha they all laughed. look here though he said what the fuck is that? as he starred at the vomit, yeah one said, thats does look like a chunk of his fuking liver! one freeloader replied, Everyone cautiously walked to the disgusting spot on the floor to have a peek. Man thats a blood clot one of the freeloaders said. Damn, he,s got an ulcer the other said. Oh shit the drunk fuck dont know when to stop the other said. Everyone grimised at the site of it and walked back to to where they were drinking and mumbled to each other and then grew louder and forgot all about it as the bartender wheeled the mop bucket away.
Ret came back to the bar and smiled at Anthony..
They both knew what was about to happen.
Ret walked over to the freeloaders table and sat himself down in front of the fat one Anthony saw this afternoon. There were three of em sitting at that table with Ret and he saw Ret pull out the envelope full of money while he was talking to them. A couple freeloaders fron another table leaned over and looked interested then the fat guy grabbed the envelope stood up and waked out. Bull shit! one yelled at him as he waked out. Ret returned with a smile and leaned to Anthony and whipered, thats 5! and I,ll be right back. He finished his beer and walked out the front door. Then one of the freeloaders appeared next to Anthony at the bar and filled his glass with Rets moonshine an headed back to his table with the bottle in his hand. His bold greedy snatching of Rets booze pissed Anthony off, but he smiled as he turned back around and sipped his beer and whispered softly to himself: drink up shit head drink up.

Ring Ring the bar phone rang, the bar tender grabbed it an jotted a note on some paper, then hung up and walked it over to one of the free loaders who read it looked at his freinds spoke something quick to them stood up throwing his coat on and rushed out. Thats 6 Anthony thought with a smile.
Ret walked back in and whispered that he had talked to Bill who had just showed up at the sherrifs office and he was ready to pull over any cars that left the bar the rest of the nite. Anthony looked around at the rest of the workers and was happy to see the only ones left were those that had rooms or homes near by, and a pair of brother said they wrere sleeping on the trawler tonight so they where all safe.
So, anthonhy whispered to Ret its up to us to get the last of em drunk as possible right?
Right. Ret replied. Wheres the shine at? Over with the jerks, one of em helped himself to a glass and left wiht the fricken bottle in his hand.. Anthony replied. Good good you can always count on a greedy fuck Ret said with a smirk.
Aint seen Freeto or Rob at all tonight Ret said. which is good if Rob works. Ret told some jokes to the freeloaders and keep them busy with stories to slow there drinking down, knowing that the freeloaders would finish the moonshine and be drunk as louse in a while. As he glance at their table he could see just a small slirry of the powerfull booze left in the bottom of the bottle and a bunch of half eye open freeloaders not saying much. Good he thought, there wasted! One looked at Ret outa one eye and stood to his feet and made his way slowley to the door. Ret went to the phone as the freeloader left and gave the sherrif a one ring hang up and got back to his seat before anyone noticed he left. He noticed some head lites pulling off followed by another set of lites a second later, he leaned to Anthony and whispered: thats 7, they touched shoulders for a second as a victory toast. It was 2 am and Ret wanted to hurry things along as soon as he saw the sherrifs returning lites against the courthouse wall, so he anouced loudly: 6 am or your shit outa luck tomorrow morning! Yeah! a couple workers mumbled, Iam heading to bed one said. Ret saw the freeloaders fumbeling for their keys and saying good byes.
Well the sherrif will get at least one more of em tonight so that got to be 8 he whispered to Anthony, well done he said.
Iam heading home, weve done all the damage we could tonight. Get some sleep anthony, you too he replied.
Ret leaned over to the bar tender and Anthony saw him hand a folded bill to him quickly.
Theh they all walked out with one or two townspeoep left in the bar.
Outside they saw a tow truck disapearing into the darkeness down the road, they both looked around to see who had seen it, but they had been the only two looking.
Ret saw Bill sitting in his car in the shadow next to the court house waiting to see who was next. As a freeloaders black truck turned away from town an headed north the sherrifs car pulled silently out onto the road and disapeared after him.
I will be counting heads at the gang plank early Ret said to anthony and the freeloaders who wrere all standing there with their hands in their pants pockets to keep the chill nite air off of them. Ret gave em a fianl G,nite! and they all wandered off into the nite. Anthony gave Ret a salute said see ya in the morning. Ret winked with a smile and Anthony turned and walked home.

End chapter Two
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