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Is it worth it to be selfish?
"Selfish! Of all people, My brother calls me the most selfish person he'd ever met! Ashley, you know i'm not that selfish. It wasn't my fault he didn't get his stupid term paper in time, I had to get my nails done!"Sasha Dean said over her diamond studded cell phone. "Well, I have to finish another lap and after I shower i'll meet up with you at the mall. I have to catch that 20% off sale, my god, if I miss it i'm gonna freak!"

She gave her final goodbye to her friend and hung up, beginning her mission around the block.

Sasha Dean was a very beautiful young lady. She stood at 5'7, weighed roughly 115lbs, and had a body that would make your grandmother have sinful thoughts. As she ran, her chestnut hair resembled the changing leaves in the Autumn sky. She loved her evening run around the block of her new neighborhood in the North Carolina Suburbs. She said during this time of day, her thoughts came in as clear as the diamonds in her ear.

She began thinking about her brother and how she let him down, and how disappointed her mother and father were at her.She wondered why they didn't understand how important her nails were to her and why they caved down on her, even though her brother was irresponsible and left his term paper home. Yet she began to understand where they were coming from. She didn't keep friends very long. Her boyfriends would always cheat on her. And her bosses at work couldn't stand her, even though she was a hard worker.

Selfish. That was the word they used to desribe her.

As she ran around the block, she began to think they were right.

Sasha approached the halfway point on the other side of the street when she noticed a cute guy walking.He didn't look to happy and she could sense his meloncoly temperment as his head hung low.

Sasha suddenly stopped running. Her heart was still thumping from the excercise, but the blood and adrenaline increased due to fear. Her eyes were now stuck on an albino pit bull rushing towards the man, looking to do some serious damage. Her body became paralyzed. Her only thought was "I hope that dog doesn't come near me." Although it was apparent the dog was headed straight for the man. She came to her senses and cried out a warning to the guy, "RUN!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. It did no good however, as the young man was stuck in his own world. The dog ran faster and faster and nearly reached his prize, when she yelled yet again "Run!" The man glanced at her before realizing his immenent danger as he took off, racing the dog to save himself. The man departed around the corner while the dog steadily traced his steps.

Sasha stood there dumbfounded in shock over what she just witnessed.

She regained her composure and began jogging, when she noticed a wallet on the ground over where the young man began his sudden excerise. She ran over and picked up the wallet and verified the contents to see who it belonged to. "Wilbert Bloomer" Said the Identification.She figured his address was on the id and she'd just run it to his house. Unfortunately the id was out of state.Sasha decided she'd just find the guy and give him his wallet. She was worried however, about the dog chasing her if they crossed paths. But she figured hell, "I'm not a selfish person, I'd want someone to do this for me..."

So she set out and looked for the guy.

She jogged the neighborhood searching for him to no avail. She looked at her watch and realized if she wanted to hit that sale at the mall she'd better head back now.With the wallet in her hand, she looked at it and thought about her mom and dad. She knew they'd be proud of her for thinking of someone else other than herself. But she really wanted those jeans. They were the new Beauty on Display models that she waited 6 months for. Plus they were 20%off.  But Sasha told herself she'd find the man and give him the wallet. Besides he didn't look like he was having a good day anyway.

She ran some more searching for the missing man when she ran into a couple, A jock and a hot blonde. The jock seemed to be the owner of the dog and was in the process of putting him on a leash and sitting him in the back seat of their car, which relieved Sasha's anxiety of having to face the brutal beast."Excuse me" She said gasping for air. "By any chance have you seen the man your dog was chasing?"The blonde woman looked at Sasha with a distastful attitude and the jock replied no, he hadn't seen the dog chase anyone, although he was talking to Sasha's chest and not her. She thanked the couple and began to head off once more when her cell rang.

It was her friend Ashley with some exciting news...

"50% off!!!!" Sasha yelled, her face glowing red from the excerise and excitement.

"Ok, tell your sister to hold the pair for me and i'll be down there in 30 minutes!"

Sasha hung the phone up and headed back home. She instantly forgot her mission and forgot she had a wallet in her hand. She raced in the house and got ready faster than she'd ever done before. She had 30 minutes before the sale ended. "Where ya headed sweetheart?" Her mother said to her as she grabbed her car keys. "To the mall mom! I gotta catch this sale!" She said, trying to flee from her mother before she could get in another sentence. "Ok dear, and oh, who's wallet is this? Why'd you just throw it up on the table?"

Before Sasha could hit the door, she remembered everything.

She remembered her mission. Her head hung low as she turned and went back for the wallet. "What's the matter?" Asked her mother in the most nurturing tone.

Sasha explained everything to her. The cute guy. The dog. His lost wallet. Her desire to find him to get the wallet to him and the 50% off sale at Beauty on Display.Her mother looked at her with her warm green eyes. "Well, what matters sweetheart is that you tried to find him..." Sasha looked at her and knew she really meant "You gave up over a pair of jeans!?"Sasha grabbed the wallet and raced out the house. She got into her car and drove the block once more to no avail. She decided she did all she could and headed off to the mall.

While sitting in traffic, she recieved another call from Ashley telling her to hurry up. She asked Ashley if she could get the jeans for her and she'd just pay her back, but Ashley said she was strapped for cash. At that moment she just happened to glance into the Ice Cream palor  on her left and realized that Wilbert the Wallet guy was in there.

The Light turned green and there were about 5 cars behind her. "What should I do?" she thought to herself. The cars behind her began honking their horns.

"I'll do whatever makes me happy!" she yelled aloud inside her car.

She found the first parking space she could find and rushed into the palor.

"$2.14" the ice cream man said to Wilbert the Wallet Man.Sasha approached him, staring at the side of his face.He just stood there in a daze, looking at the Ice Cream man with a blank stare. Sasha touched the man on his shoulder with his wallet.He looked at it, than at her. He took a deep breath and smiled.

The jeans no longer mattered to Sasha.

She felt something weird. She made another person happy even though she wouldn't get what she wanted. "Would you like some ice cream?" The young man asked of her. "Sure, I'd like that" she said... "Good," said Wilbert, I've been dying for some cookies and cream ice cream."I've been dying to get you this wallet!" She said...

And they both lived happily ever after. Literally.

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