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by Ellen
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The opening to my book about a genus that fights the corruption of darkness in her mind.
You stand and watch as the world unfolds. You stand and watch as everything destroys itself.

You see the elements.

You watch as the wind roars past your head, whirling with incredible force, as it whips clouds and mist in large paths across the sky. You see as the waves collide with a thunderous crash, before returning to the raging torrent that cuts through the path ahead. You feel the earth crumble into pieces, rising and falling in cliffs and valleys. And in the sky, the sun and moon shine side by side, while the stars shift and twirl in abstract patterns as the fire rains down upon the world.

And in the center is a man.

You try to look at him, but you can’t. Your eyes seem to slide right off him. Then you realize why.
The man is a shadow. He is a silhouette, completely black. He is so dark it seems as if he was two-dimensional.

And you see how everything reacts.

The gale of wind rushes toward him, but seems to bend around as it approaches. The mist of the wind circles back, making a ring around where he stands. The waves spray the foam in the sky, little ribbons of water swirl through the wall of air. The ground trembles beneath him and seems to lower around the figure, until he is on a platform above a giant gash in the land. And the fire from the sky rushes down into the crevice, only to make a short wall around the platform the shadow is standing on. It burns at the thin support, making the land seem to burn before your eyes.
You watch as the chaos of the world is revealed.

And the man. The six elements.

Air, water, earth, fire, darkness... and... light?

He turns to you.

His face has no features. It is a flat shard of shadow, completely black. It seems as if the man was a portal that sucked in brightness. The fire around him casts no light upon his skin.
He is a shadow. All but his eyes.

They glow with a bright light.

He stares, and the light gets brighter. Too bright. You try to squint to block the light, but it grows brighter still.

Then everything goes black.

You open your eyes. You close your eyes. You open them again.
There is no difference between the surroundings and your eyelids.
It is too dark to see. Looking down, you find that you cant even see your body. Or feel your body. Or move. You are floating. Not on water, but in space. You cant move, but there is nothing barring you in place. You don’t feel hungry or tired.
You are just... there.

“Where am I?” You ask aloud.

You hear a dark chuckle in the distance.

“You,” booms the voice. “Are gone.”

I jolt upright in my bed, sweat pouring off me as I struggle to remove the covers from around my neck. I pant and shake as my eyes get accustomed to the darkness of my room. "It was a dream" I tell myself. "Just a dream"
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