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about a friend
Now I don't know you at all.
I've got nothing left to say.
Except maybe after all this time,
Maybe I should have stayed away

After all this time,
things are falling through.
I thought that we were friends.
I thought that I knew you.
But things are getting worse,
And you're the one to blame.
You seem so different now.
Do I even know your name?

You're gone, the old you is over.
You changed, you seem so fake.
And I gotta know,
Will your new hair clothes shoes replace
All the laughes we shared, now up in flames?
I need to know right now,
cause you changed so much somehow.

I like the way you are,
When we're just one on one.
Cause when your with your friends,
You're a different person.
You change everything,
From your clothes to your hair.
You say you value my opinion,
Then claim that you don't care.

Remember the good times we had.
Chillin out in the living room,
With the radio blasting way to loud.
Think of the laughs that we shared,
Caracking at the stupidest things,
And always saying life isn't fair.

And now it's sad to say,
I crumpled up those memories and threw them away.
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