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Love is never blind... (Adult - More sensual than graphic)
Dark Delight

Pale light filters through window curtains drawn,
muting the bright colors of the coming dawn.
We hold each other in the faded light;
our senses heightened, we find dark delight.

Hands following curves, we proceed by feel.
Lips find new tastes. The darkness reveals
pleasures unnoticed when guided by eyes.
Now each movement is guided by our sighs.

Clothing scattered, I feel your lips by my knees.
You take me in your mouth, ignoring my pleas.
Only the sensations of passion now exist.
Hands urge me forward and I can't resist.

We sink to the floor and I move you above me.
The perfume of your passion pulls me, hauntingly,
until my mouth and tongue find you, softness in the night,
and as I return the pleasure, you continue to excite.

Without illumination, time has lost its meaning
and we simply are, in the dark careening.
Pleasure gladly taken, pleasure gladly given,
as toward our final goal we are both driven.

Sensations overtake us and we find ecstasy.
Lying there together, I pull you next to me,
and as our lips touch in the dimness, we find
that even in the darkness, love is never blind.


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