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A short creation of mine. I hope you like it. Dedicated to the upgrader.

I took up the charge screaming wildly like some enraged animal. My fellow myrmidons followed suit running to either side of me hollering for the hot blood of countless innocents and enemies. Innumerable arrows shot passed us, seeking our hearts, weeping shrilly when they met us with no result. Whether an arrow struck me I know not, but I climbed the abutments un-phased by height or vertigo. When I reached the perilous top, I threw my body over the battlements, and crouched looking about.  What my eyes reported next froze me in place, and a chill cast through my body despite the sweat which soaked me.

         Opposite my muscular, crouched form, stood a slim figure armed with a wicked re-curve bow. The figure raised the ominous weapon, knocking an arrow, ready to send me to hell. Then suddenly, a ray of waning sunlight struck the figure’s face, blinding her and giving me a chance to save my own life. I surged towards her catching a limpse of her startled expression. Within that moment time slowed about me, and I noticed small details about my feminine advisory. Details like her slim face, soft brown eyes and len’thy hair. Her hair was braided ornately and tied with a red ribbon. Her tawny skin hinted of a life of labor and I found it funny that my would-be reaper was a farm girl. Time resumed its normal flow and I crashed into the young woman’s wiry body, knocking her to the ground. I had her pinned and I quickly disarmed her staring right into her large brown eyes. She spat at me.

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