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She's learned her lesson, but is it too late?
By: Emily Feliciano

Rising from my bed,
what ache does fill my head
from burdens night before,
my heart is left too sore.

Reaching for my clothes,
why they're not on who knows?
I only remember the light
of yesterday before our fight.

You're gone and that's okay.
I haven't much more to say
to keep you a part of me-
I'd rather push you out to sea.

So go off with the rest.
There's more fish for you to test.
And now that I am alone,
I'll begin again unknown.

And someone else will see,
how great I can really be.
I'm beauty at its best;
without you i am success.

Rising from my bed
ready to face what lies ahead.
For I know what I am worth
with courage to carry me forth.
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