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Explore the pains and wonders of pregnancy, when the glamour wears off!

Ramón Girón-Meléndez

Covered with the smell of vomit, Nancy was exhausted from the night before. Unfortunately in two more hours, she was about to encounter her morning sickness. As a cause of her pain accelerating, she asked herself, “Why haven’t they come up with a cure for this?” She quickly answered herself, “Because men don’t get it!”

She could pop at any moment and everyone knew. Her belly was high; Nancy scared herself as she saw the size of her belly grow everyday, she knew it was only a matter of time before the leprechaun would pop out unexpectedly. Of course with her woman’s intuition and cell phone she was ready for whatever the world could throw at her. She walked into the kitchen, looked around and scowled at the corn muffins. Making her way to the refrigerator, she eyed the apples, ready for their next move, or her next bowel movement.

Getting up like this for 7 months was toll taking and her life was turning into a night mare. Food was repulsive in the morning, but turned into her lover in the evenings. Oh that KFC with succulent barbeque sauce and oozy mashed potatoes! Followed by a succulent strawberry ice-cream with fresh strawberries and cherries on top, in a bowl of a bucket! Her mornings seemed like eternities; every hour seemed a day. The only stimulus her life had was looking forward to her 12 o’ clock soap opera, “Passions.” Finally Theresa tells Ethan she had his son!


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