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A city this size should not have a problem establishing a route where I live, Read on . .
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September 25, 2007

The Blankety-blank Newspaper
c/o Circulation Department
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Attention: Circulation Department Manager

Regarding: New Subscription

I just got off the phone with your representative, Kim, who informed me that the reason I did not receive my Sunday paper on September 23, 2007, was there is no route established for the area where I live.

When I finally decided to take advantage of the "Sunday- Blankety-blank-home-delivered-JUST $1 A-WEEK" advertisement, I spoke with Wendy at the number on the ad, 800-513-6885.

The call for service was made 9/14, then Wendy explained that it would not be delivered on the 16th of September but I would receive the paper on September 23rd. I was looking forward to the Sunday paper being delivered to my front door.

Alas, the 23rd came and went and no paper. I called to register a complaint and I was told by Tony that he would investigate and call me back. That also did NOT happen.

Your customer service is non-existent and the recording that's played for callers on "hold" are repeatedly told that "your call is very important to us". To that remark I say, unacceptable. I waited for 21 solid minutes for my call to be acknowledged and then it was a bad connection.

Wendy should have checked the routing for my area, then she would have discovered there was no paper route to schedule my request for one to start. That would have ended the expectation for a paper.

I'm appalled at your representatives' lack of follow-through and understand well the reason why The Blankety-Blank is always hawking for new subscribers. What your paper needs is some old-fashioned competition, then you might treat your subscribers with some old-fashioned service.



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