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A relationship can only begin if time and place are right, and both are open and available
For love comes and goes, or never at all;
Those who are standing appear not to fall,
While those without love, shivering and needy,
Wait for a love which is never too speedy…

But how one attracts the love of their dreams
Is saying “Hello,” and how easy it seems –
A time or a place, or a meaningful purpose
Can join two people who are open and spouseless…

Standing tall and determined when that doesn’t exist
Will tend to look desperate, making others resist,
For nothing is worse than appearing unrestrained,
Leading to rejection, while hurt pride is gained…

So take my advice, this idyllic situation
Is difficult to come by, for it brings celebration;
But it’s just so hard to ask someone you know
To return your love when it starts with “Hello”…
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