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Quotes to move, provoke or inspire. Gleaned from many sources. Have a dip and enjoy!
Please enjoy this rich and varied collection of quotes. These have been gleaned from many sources. Please take a few minutes to explore - I hope that you will discover something of interest. I have a passion for gathering quotes and I want to share this passion with you! I will be building this bank of quotes over time, so please be patient.

"It is not our ability that limits us but our view/belief of what we can achieve." - John O Callaghan, Headteacher

"We act not in accordance with the truth, but in the truth as we see or believe it to be." - Unknown

"As I think I am." - Theory of Cognitive Dissonance - Leon Festinger 1957

"The quality and quantity of our thoughts determine the quality and quantity of our lives." - Lou Tice

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." - Unknown

"Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." - Lou Tice

`Worrying is negative goal setting." - Investors In Excellence Programme

"We move towards and become that which we think about." - Investors In Excellence Programme

" All meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside and then works its way out."  - Investors In Excellence Programme

"The future enters in to us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens." - Rilke, Letters of a young Poet, 1903

"We draw to ourselves that which we think we are worthy of receiving." - Lou Tice

"We move towards what we repeatedly focus on, whether it's good for us or not." - Lou Tice

"What the mind dwells upon, it grows upon. What the mind grows upon we become." - Monksarn

"As I visualise the new, I become dissatisfied with the old." - Lou Tice

"Scientists have proven that it's impossible to long jump 30 feet, but I don't listen to that kind of talk. Thoughts like that have a way of sinking into your feet." - Carl Lewis

"Optimism is contagious........so is pessimism!" - Investors In Excellence

"I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work." - Thomas Edison

"The problem with participating in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat." - Lily Tomlin

"You can't depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

"Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen." - Dr Robert Jarvik

"If mangement is doing things right, then leadership is about doing the right things." - Lou Tice

"The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order" - Alfred North Whitehead

"Things alter for the worse spontaneously if vthey be not altered for the better designedly"  - Francis Bacon

"There is a time for departure, even when there's no certain place to go" - Tennessee Williams

"The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular reason for being happy except that they are so." - W.R Inge

"People behave and act in accordance with the expectations others have of the." - Lou Tice

"If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse, however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming I help you become that." - Goethe

"If not me, who? If not now, when?" - Spinoza

"The fool gives me his reasons, the wise man persuade me with my own." - Aristotle

"The wise who control body, speech and mind are indeed the consummately controlled." - The Buddha

"Let those who have done good repeat it over and over, set your mind on it, for happiness is the accumulation of good." - The Buddha

"Though one defeats a million men in battle, one who overcomes the self alone is in fact the highest victor" - The Buddha

"Live with compassion, work with compassion, die with compassion, meditate with compassion, enjoy with compassion. When the problems come, experience them with compassion." - Lama Zopa Rinpoche

"Whatever joy there is in this world, all comes from desiring others to be happy, and whatever suffering there is in this world all comes from desiring myself to be happy. But what need is there to say more? The childish work for their own benefit, the Buddhas work for the benefit of other. Just look at the difference between them!"  - Master Shantideva

"For as long as space abides and for as long as sentient beings abide may I too abide to dispel the sufferings of sentient beings." - Master Shantidev

"There is nothing to trust in seeking happiness from outside; you will only become exhausted from suffering, which is without satisfaction and without end." - Lama Zopa Rinpoche

"When you check your mind properly, you stop blaming others for your problems. You recognise that your mistaken actions come from your own defiled, deluded mind." - Lama Thubten Yeshe

"This day is a special day, it is yours. Yesterday slipped away it cannot be filled with more meaning. About tomorrow nothing is known. But this day, today, is yours, make use of it. Today you can make someone happy. Today you can help another. This day is a special day, it is yours." - Indian poem

"It is easy to see the faults in others, hard to see one's own. One sifts the faults of others like chaff, but covers up one's own, as a crafty cheater covers up a losing throw." - The Buddha

"Overcome anger by non-anger; overcome evil by good; overcome the miser by giving; overcome the liar by truth." - The Buddha

"Victory breeds hatred; the defeated sleeps in misery. One who has calmed down sleeps in comfort, having given up the victory and defeat." - The Buddha

"It is very foolish and ignorant to retaliate with spite, in the hope of ending the attack of the enemy, because the retaliation itself only brings more suffering." - Chandrakirti

"The world is thirsty and hungry. Satisfy this thurst and hunger with your love and compassion." - Pete Sims

"The rain has stopped, the clouds have drifted away, and the weather is clear again. If your heart is pure, then all things in your world are pure..... The moon and flowers will guid you along the way."- Zen Poet Ryokan

"Even the most exalted states and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are unimportant if we cannot be happy in the most basic and ordinary ways, if we cannot touch one another and the life e have given ith our hearts." - Jack Cornfield

"Concentration is never a matter of force or coercion. You simply pick up the puppy again and return to reconnect with the here and now." - Jack Cornfield

"To undertake a genuine spiritual path is not to avoid difficulties but to learn the art of making mistakes wakefully, to bring to them the transformative power of the heart." - Jack Cornfield

"Fear knocked at the door. Faith opened it and there was no one there." - Unknown

"Life without faith is an arid business." - Attributed to Noel Coward

"It's not the perfect but the imperfect that is in need of our love." - Oscar Wilde

"When we take the meditation cushion we become our own monastery. We create the compassionate space that allows for the arising of all things;sorrows, lonliness, shame, desire, regret, frustration, happiness." - Jack Cornfield

"When any experience of body, heart or mind keeps repeating in consciousness, it is a signal that this visitor is asking for a deeper and fuller attention." - Jack Cornfield

"It is not good to meddle with divine mysteries" - Goethe

"How much better is it to weep at joy than to joy at weeping!" - Much Ado,i.4.

"Human beliefs,like all other natural growths elude the barrier of systems." - George Eliot

"Humanum amare est, humanum autem ignoscere est - It is natural to love, and it is natural to forgive." - Plautus

"Humanum est errare - To err is human" - Unknown

"Humble wedlock is far better than proud virginity." - St Augustine

"Justice, self-command, and true thought are our salvation." - Plato

"Justice is truth in action." - Disraeli

"Ex animo - From the soul; heartlity" - Universal

"Gloria virtutis umbra - Glory is the shadow of virture. - Universal

"Ma vie est un combat - My life is a battle" - Voltaire

"Love is eternally awake, never tired with labour, nor oppressed with affliction, nor discouraged by fear." - Thomas a Kempis

"Love is the eldest, noblest, and mightiest of the gods, and the chiefest author and giver of virtue in life and happiness after death."  - Plato

"Love is the master-key that opens every ward of the heart of man." - J.H.Evans

"Purest love dismisses the the guards that stand ready at the heart and leaves it vulnerable again to blissful joy and crashing pain." - Pete Sims

"Love can hope where reason would despaire." - Lytteleton

"Not even the gods can turn the victory of conquering oneself into defeat." - The Buddha

"He who speaks words that are peaceful and useful and true, words that offend no one - him I call a Brahmin." - The Buddha

"A man is not a great man because he is a warrior and kills other men; but because he hurts not any living being, he in truth is called agreat man." The Buddha

"Creatures are heirs to their deeds." - The Buddha

"Is common opinion the standard of merit?" - Thomas a Kempis

"In veritate victoria - Victory lies within the truth." - Universal

"In moderating, not in satisfying desires, lies peace." - Bp Heber.

"In pertusum ingerimus dicta dolium - We are pouring our words into a perforated cask." - Plautus

"A book should be luminous, not voluminous." - Bovee

"Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light." - Victor Hugo

"Opinion is a medium between knowledge and ignorance." - Plato

"Only to the apt, pure and true does Nature resign herself and reveal her secrets." -  Goethe

"Without passion man is amere latent force and possibility." - Amiel

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