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Other angle of seeing the Devil
From Hell to Hell
Hi there,in order to be polite I'll start with an introduction.So,who am I?
If seriously I have so many name's that I myself dont recall them all.
A Fallen Angel,Seducer,Accuser,Tormentor,Lord of the Flies,Father of lies,Master of Disguise and in no doubt one of the most phucked up Demon since time meant shit.But you can call me Azazel(I like the way it sound's).
So yeah I am the Devil,and in all truthfulness I am attempting to be cheerfull about this,though most people find themselves hindered in believing me,no matter my protestation.Please,trust me.
I most deffinately can be cheerful.I can be amiable.Agreeable.Gracious.Just dont ask me to be nice.It has nothing to do with me.
So now a begining,I am assured you've read about me in the nr.1 bestseller of all time's,Bible if I I remember it right (and maybe in some other of the same genre)there I am pointed as a personafication of evil,the bad guy,the guilty one for all wrongdoings,but I want to comment something about the part where I stood against God,I want to tell that I didn't plan any evil,I just wanted to rebbel,and I thought I was Rebbeling,I thought I was defying his rule,but no...I was merely another tiny segment in his grandiose plan.If I hadnt do it,someone else would have. Rebellion was a liberating experience(rage and pain not withstandig)but acres of old circuitry remain.So because of this ,,stunt'' I was imprisonned in a really ugly place(Hell) and the only thing doing here is (for the past Ten Billion years) providing a place for dead mortals to torture themselves.To burn,freeze,eat,hurt,razor,spike and scratch your eyes open till the red blood flow's from you'r bodies.You probably think you've seen red,take it from me you haven't.You hardly ever saw Pink.I on the other hand witnessed pure Scarlet(and some Vermillion on particular bad day's).And mortals,I ask you Why?!Why do you always blame me for your failing's,It's like I spent my whole day forcing you to make some act you would otherwise find repulsive ,,The Devil made me do it'' Fuck you!I've never made one of you do anything,all i do is sit issolated,trapped in this box you call hell while I listen how you talk of me like a fat,greedy merchant who walk's around buying soul's as candies for 5 cents,and you never ask yourself,for what fuck do I need your soul's,and beside's how can anyone own a soul?!
So it's really boring down here as you see,that's why I give myself a vacation,a rest from all this trouble.I'm being ripped of from my wing's and power's and with it the rage and fury,and granted with a mortal body in a mortal city,the only ,but' was that I could not exit the city,and the city is chosen by them(the-you-know-who),believe me after living with a constant burning agony,all over,with some burst of meta-agony,and it's own private Armagedon within you,every deal would be a good deal.So yeah,why not.I've been given a nice black suit and a kick in the ass into you'r world.And Here I am sitting in a city where violance and destruction unfold in the street's as a daily routine,It's wildly,intensively Growing,It's a loud bright stinking Mess,it lie's and cheat's,and it's rhytm reminds me of a jungle one, and every radio is screaming HELP......I like it here.

-Day One.
My first day in the city.And the weather is even hotter than a sinner ass in hell.I walk aimlessly around the streets watching how things works,analizing them,thinking how to use it and planning where....I'm an agent of chaos and I want some funk in this city.I need a point,a begining,a starting line for this all,thus I head into nameless bar.The door is rusty,so when I open in a long *SCREEEETCH* is awoken.There are only 5 customers here,every one of them sit separetely on differant table's.I aproach the bar table,sit comfortably in one of those shity chair's and patiently wait for a service being provided.
-You a cop?
The Bartender Asked
-Is it that obvious?(I lied)
-Heh,working in such place will get you the right amount experience,so who exactly are you?
-A Detective.
-A good One?
-I do okay.
-Go on,I'm curious,what make's you good?
She was a 21-23 year old Asian,flat chest,middle height and weight,slightly rubbing her fingers,and wearing a long-sleeveв shirt.
-I just notice things other find difficult.Everybody hide's something.
-Your dad left you this bar.
Her eye's widened.Bingo.
-The photos,most of them are Fotball one's,the families one are white and black,thу only really dusted photo is the vietnam guy,thus I assume he is your old man.
-Plus,I continued,your boyfriend dumped you and you take some pills to deal with it.Sometime the pills arent enough so you cut yourself.
-If this is a stunt,go to hell.
-Already been,and no this is not a stunt.You'r index finger,she glanced at it for a moment,you continuesly rub it ,still not used for the ring not to be there,wearing shirts with long sleeve's in such a weather obviously mean you want to hide something plus the tiny red line on it expose some explanation,and you'r eyes are a little watery, you taking Valium?
she glanced at me half confused half amazed.
-I'm Anna
-Huh that's a strange name.
-Anna is even a stranger name for an Asian.
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