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Constructed Solicitude
Anxiety and shapes, folding our feelings unto this solicitude.

Listening to the advice of images, perceived as emotion.

Trapped by their structure, a constructed control.

Surrounded we've built ourselves distraction.

Acting to unearth a moment of rapture.

Bleeding simplistic ideas, invented unperfected, for our better future.

Visual declaration, analyzing disintegrating monuments of yesterday.

Before you, before me.

If surrounded by sky, I regret everyone in my life.

Misunderstanding your quaint perceptions bewilder my intentions.

I have impressed, I have dissapointed, I have astonished, I have embarrassed, I cant spell, I spell well, in turn you've seen hell.

No reason to stay, dream on, dream long.

These dreams I feed are much to sweet.

Become king, drown things.

Stepping upon me, stepping up on me.

If life's worth what's spent, then I'm spent, soothing sounds become repent.

You read, I rhyme, to become less inclined.

To separate defeat, it's much to late, sharing our rage, here's a treat to repeat.

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