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Lifes Words Worth My Recognition
Make the move and overcome any obstacle in the way.

To achieve the torch set so high, the best possession in ones arms.

The more given, the more lost, the dark thought, the big dream.

Don't expect to get far taking shortcuts along the way, prepare yourself for torture and in hale all of life's mistakes.

Disappointing circumstances uncontrolled and out of reach, anger's breaking out, from pressures built inside, rage seizing up, melting in your eyes.

The torch burns so long but don't waste the light.

The dying flame flikcers in your mind.

Compromised ideas lokced safe in silent cry.

Unspoken threats out of place, mixed and broken lies.

Promised words turn to hurt, chances taken, making them.

Scared to death, hate sets in.

Breathe suffers under life's sweaty hands.
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