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1,000 ways of ending your civilization.
    In our life time you’ve heard different stories about the many thriving civilizations and how they each came down with a force so great that it literally changed how life was lived.

         Have you ever wondered what happened to cause such a great change? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could go back and change the events that took place? Have you ever thought to yourself how totally awesome it would be that you could choose the many different ways to end a civilization? This will be your chance to find out the many different ways of ending your civilization.

    These quotes are taken from real people, who took time out of their day to answer my questions. I bow my head to them and the respect given to me during that time.

“I believe a pandemic is in order.

…and if that doesn't kill off those damn Madagascar faggots,


If that doesn't work

zombie horde :D”

Now I’ll go into some explanations about each subject that was brought up.

    A pandemic (from Greek παν pan all + δήμος demos people) is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through populations across a large region; for instance a continent, or even worldwide.

    1. Imagine the Plague but on a giant scale; a plague of epic proportions that it would wipe out nearly every person on the planet. This is a highly plausible event. Someone could easily revamp any of the plagues that have been discovered and form it into a new, highly catchable disease. The idea that I, myself, am thinking of is a disease (plague actually) that would totally wipe out your immune system, affect your movement, eye sight, ect.

I’m thinking if you could make it slowly melt ones’ brain, then the rest is history.

    Ones’ could make it where it can be caught though the air, water, ground, animals and even food. If this happens, it will be in more than one place faster and it will hit the people even harder.

    2. The Bombing is the most plausible event, because, we have the items needed right here and now.  Nuclear bombings can wipe us out 20 sometimes over, and leave the planet with nothing; where nothing will grow for many, many, many years to come.

    3. Now on to the Zombie Horde (which with my idea, is plausible). There are parasites which are known to take over ones’ mind. They are more known to take over the mind of a rat, but have been stated to be in some humans’ minds. They are not strong enough to control the human mind well, but if they were taken and worked upon to be able to with-stand the complexity of the human mind, then we might be able to get it to take the mind over, breed in the human body and finally spread to other humans. This would make Resident Evil 4 a reality.

“In all seriousness... I'd create a viral infection that only attacks the female chromosome.

Probably use a mutated version of Ebola.

The infected will start to get internal bleedings, and slowly but surely the females all around the world will die…

As man starts to notice this, they'll get fiercely protective about the surviving women. There's gonna be disputes, paranoia and maybe even wars.

This is how humanity dies, with no females left to carry the offspring.

…And don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against women. But men are too aggressive, and they make for better "survivors" to battle it out.”

  4.  It’s fairly simple to explain. When all women die, then there will be no more reproduction. But then they use the cloning card, bringing that into play; meaning above idea will not work out too well.

  5.  One other, pretty effective way of destroying any 'civilization' is to slowly make water scarce. Without a proper amount of drinking water, they'll turn to artificially created substances, that will only allow you to live for a given amount of time before slowly messing with your body, that will lead to the total 'shutting-down' of your body. It'll be a clean kill, unless you count your body rejecting the 'nutrients' in the substance.

Go on, imagine it. Feel how it'll be once it happens. Everyone is slowly dying, whist throwing up, crapping themselves, and bleeding from the most awkward and highly dangerous of places. Fluids begin draining from the noses of babies, from the eyes of men, and from the asses of women.

But besides that, it'll be a...'clean' killing.
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