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A harpy like screech found its way through the dying mouth of the prey. The hunter smiled. The prey whimpered pitifully as a hooked claw lifted her form higher. “If you don’t mind not struggling that would be appreciated.” Now the girl’s sobs shook her already trembling body. The teenage girl closed her crystal blue eyes and opened her mouth to scream. “You’ll have to forgive me.” The hunter opened her mouth revealing the sharp, vicious fangs of a vampire. The girl thrashed horribly and let out an ear-piercing scream, before a feminine hand clamped over her mouth. Amber colored eyes followed the vain running through the victim’s neck. “The party was fun I’ll have to come back.” Her velvety voice hissed. The girl’s dull human fingernails dug into the vampire’s skin.

“W-wait, p-please.” She stuttered. The vampires smile grew wider. “No, I don’t think so…I’ve already waited long enough.” She answered; removing her hand from the girl’s mouth she bit the tender flesh with her screaming wildly. Screaming in vain, no one would come. Blood burst into Sythea’s mouth coating her tongue with the sickly sweet taste. The girl slowly went limp with Sythea able to feel every change. Her muscles from lack of blood were shutting down. “Too bad I didn’t have time to play.” Sythea thought bitterly. After a second she went completely limp and stopped screaming. Removing her fangs tenderly she dropped the body. Wiping her mouth, she chuckled. “Wonder how long it’ll take the humans to find you. Maybe I should till then.” Watching their reaction to the dead is always worth it. If humans had half the sense they should they wouldn’t be dying out so quickly. The hair on the back of Sythea’s neck stood on end warning her of being watched. Sythea turned.

“How very kind of you Sy.” Came the soft, seducing voice of another vampire. Sythea recognizing the voice smiled. “Please, I’ve seen you on occasion be so kind.” He chuckled deeply. “They get boring after awhile and don’t give me a chase, I forget about them.” He answered innocently. He stepped into the light giving Sy a better look. The male vamp was beautiful even beyond vampire standards, which was too be expected. He was tall with a masculine build, light brown hair, green (amber) eyes. His face was slightly flushed meaning he just hunted. As usual his eyes were unreadable. He wore a black t-shirt which sculpted his form perfectly and black pants which allowed him to blend with the shadows. The scent surrounding him was both seductive and intoxicating although you could never place the origin. Aaron crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. He surprised me by smirking. He was one of those people who rarely smiled and when he did pain and death usually followed. Something very, very, good must have happened.

“You do realize we were to meet 3 hours ago, right?” He asked. Sythea shrugged, “I was getting there…eventually. What do they want this time anyways?” He hesitated and stepped out of the shadows. His aura spread to ward off any who might be listening. “They have a new seer.” Aaron said. I snorted. They meaning the “head vamps”. And seer which meant premonitions which meant wild goose chases. “And let me guess they want us to track then kill.” I asked. Aaron shook his head. “Were following the supposed “missing link”. Sythea massaged her temple. “In other words another wild goose chases.” He shrugged. “The only reason I’m going is because it’s in human central. Figure we can turn tables while were there. We leave tonight.” Sy rolled her eyes. This was stupid. The girl was rumored to be half wolf and half vamp. Impossible. Aaron smiled at her expression. “The sooner we leave the faster we get back.” He started walking. “Oh and Sy don’t be late.”
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