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by Rick H
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Drama · #1562326
A Tanka of a urban woman's rainy night walk home in the City.
Fleet Street

Wet glass glistening.
Shadowed shrouded cobblestone.
Silver shriver sound,
Loud crowd splasher. Cloud flasher.
Midnight fright. Fast feet. Fleet Street.

Katie Madrid hid.
Past drunken dullard’s massing
Evil open eye,
Dank, dangerous, dalleyway.
Darkish disturbing doorway.

Clinking and tinkling,
Broke bottle, slices silence.
Slick, slippery, slabs.
Sweating silver cylinders.
Metal monolith burns blue.

Shine upon all her
Empty curbside company,
Bathing baby blue.
Still life window eyes, watchful.
Slick clicks on the sidewalk sound.

Click clack, a quick lap.
Metal stilettos tempo.
Click clack, no look back.
Another night, one more block.
Turn the key and lock the lock.
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