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This poem is about a tough love
This was once the love that I fought for, the love that I would do anything for.
Now, it’s the love that hurts me and belittles me, tries to bring me down when I think it can’t get any worse.
I’ve cried for this love, would die for this love and give all that I am to keep this love.
Now, I am lost in this love, drowning in this love and obviously blinded by this love.
I lack satisfaction, self confidence and pieces of myself for this love.
I’ve stood for this love, given up life for this love and tested myself for this love.
Now I’ve come to terms with the fact that this love is no longer a love, but a rotted skeleton of what I used to call love.
However, with all of this knowledge and all of my experiences, I stay in this love.
Spend another day in this love, just hoping that this love will revive from my love.
I think I have enough of my love, to sustain all this love, but I don’t.
I now cry for this love, die in this love and yet I try for this love.
I still see what I used to love, deep down inside of this so called love.
I just want to do everything I can to keep my love.
But, this is no longer my love and I know my love.
So, I must go, my love, to finally find that true my love.
Someone strong enough, secure enough and pure enough to handle my love
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