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A little imagination can take you all the way to prison
Yes, I killed a man. I think it was a man anyways. It could've been a girl who looks like a guy... Actually, I'm not even sure if it was I who killed him. I lit the fireworks... To be honest, it was the fireworks that did the job. So, why aren't they on the stand now?

Oh yeah, it's true I'm up here for arson because I burned the fireworks. Oops, I guess I confessed to it in the end. I thought it was because of the guy. But, like I said, truth be told it was the fireworks who killed him. So, I shouldn't be in Jail for that. I admit I set the fireworks on fire so they would explode.

Guilty, how long will I get anyways?


Oh, I forgot that they were cracking down on arsonist now. Twenty years... And murder how much is that?


That's pretty stupid. I mean, arson isn't as bad as murdering someone. Some people set fires to collect insurance and they'll get twenty years. A guy grabs a gun and shoots another will only get five. I know it may lead to someones death or injury a fire, but I mean I just set the fireworks alight. Shouldn't I get less? Shouldn't I get a least five years like a murderer?

Okay, I understand. I understand. You know that I did it before they decided to crack down?

Oh, they decided to make an example of me. Ah, I get it. So, when will I have the possibility of parole?

Fourteen, wow, that isn't that bad when I think about it. Will I be allowed to buy lighters still? You know that I smoke.

Okay, so maybe not a heavy smoker, but I still do enjoy it.

I promise not to set another thing on fire. Swear to god. I'll be rehabilitated anyways.

Oh, you already heard not to trust a pyroman... Well, it was worth a try.

Okay, well, I'll see you another time.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1563190