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A woman plans the ultimate weekend for her husband after being late for dinner.

“I can't believe he's late again! He said he wasn't going supposed to work overnight tonight!” Beth exclaimed as she was sitting at the dining room table with red candles on it withering away like they were nothing, “Well, I guess that's what I expect from a guy that won 'Employee of the Month' 4 times in a row.”

Beth,with the day off work,had whole night planned: a nice pot roast dinner she slaved over for hours, the place cleaned from top to bottom, and special,sexy lingerie she bought on sale early this morning at the mall. She wanted to celebrate something that she had been awarded a few days ago: She became top Realtor by selling a multi-million dollar house to a young celebrity. They had both agreed that Friday was the day to celebrate their accomplishments since they've been together. He promised to be home at 6 for dinner, and it was almost 9 when Beth stored his and the leftovers in the refrigerator. She then decided to celebrate a little by taking a hot, steamy bath. She headed toward the bathroom while she grabbed her bath robe along the way. She then made some warm bathwater,pinned her hair up, and slipped out of her little black dress and into the water.

“Now this how you celebrate a multi-million dollar deal,” she said calmly as she grabbed a loofah and started caressing her big,perky breasts, small bulged tummy, and the outside of her vagina. Beth then washed her long, thick legs and thighs, after that her strong yet fragile-like arms. Afterwards, she masturbated a little and let her curvaceous body relax in the water until she heard someone open the door and come inside.

“Oh man, am I in the doghouse now! I forgot to come home on time because of the Greenhouse account. Nevertheless, Mr. Hans wanted me to finish it today, no matter what,” the voice said to himself as he yelled, “Beth, you here?!”

This was a moment that turned her on instantly. Beth quietly got out of the bath, let the water out slowly and silently, dried off, and slipped into her sexy lingerie.

“Aaron won't know how late he was until he sees what I have planned. He'll be too tired to work Monday when I'm done,” Beth said quietly to herself and then shouting to Aaron, “I'm back here in the bedroom! Just come to bed sweetie!”

“Alright,” Aaron said in defeat as he walked in the back of the house. As he opened the door to the bedroom, Beth was sitting on the edge of the bed. Aaron's jaw dropped as he looked at Beth from head to toe. His erection was suddenly throbbing, and as he was ready to pounce on her. Beth was turned on even more when she saw his erection, along with how sexy he was wearing the suit. Then, she pinned Aaron onto the bed, and started a steamy, long make-out session.

“You are in so much trouble, mister, but I'll forgive you since tonight's the beginning of a weekend you won't forget,” Beth said as she stopped kissing him and slowly performed a strip-tease in her lingerie, “I got you where I want you. Here's something else: we're going to have steamy hot sex all this weekend with necessary breaks in between. I've been holding back a sexual side of me that you've never seen before until now. If you thought I was kinky before,but that was just the icing on the cake.”

“Beth, I promise I'll never be--”

“Aaron, you can't promise to ever be late again. Sorry, but until I'm fully satisfied sexually, you're mine, all mine. As the beginning of your punishment, I want you to ride me all night long until sunrise.

“Oh, yes ma'am!”Aaron exclaimed happily, “You're look so sexy,I'll be happy to take some 'punishment',along with that lingerie.”

“You don't have to take them off me,” Beth said,already naked,which turned them on even more,“You,however, need a little work.”

With that, Beth tore off Aaron's clothes, and saw his dick was so hard and ready to penetrate her with a passion. Aaron saw Beth's solid, erect nipples,and started sucking them while getting his hard erection inside her vagina. They moaned and fucked until it close to sunrise,getting more turned on with each round. Then, they made and ate breakfast nude, and began what was one of many endless rounds of sex that weekend with her. When Monday morning rolled around, Beth
felt a little disappointed that it was over until Aaron got an early phone call

“Baby, call in sick for the next couple days,” Aaron said as he got off the phone with his boss, “Mr. Hans gave me some time off for finishing that project with pay. And I want to go a few more rounds,if you get my drift.”

“You're totally hooked on me, aren't you?, “Beth asked,standing naked in front of him, “Well, that's what you get when you're late.”
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