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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Horror/Scary · #1563833
For zombie lovers

My name is Brad Calval. Once you start reading this please don’t stop. The following is the story of my survival. Hexagon Incorporated, a world renounced scientific research facility, had a viral outbreak in 1970. This happened in a rural part of Italy. The second viral outbreak happened in a small village in Mexico. The most recent out break happened in 2008. This is the story of how I survived this outbreak.

Chapter One

This all started when I was forced into robbing a convenient store. My friend had been kidnapped and the captors were telling me what to do through a phone line. I went into the store and asked the cashier where the bathrooms were. He pointed them out for me and I went into the bathroom. I had to get out a gun the captors put into my car and hold up the store. I took a couple deep breaths and left the bathroom to do my “assignment.” The man behind the counter was around sixty and looked like he would be nice. Little did I know what was to come next would change my life, forever. I went over to the counter and lifted my gun into the cashier’s face.
“Open the register and give me the money,” I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me of all people, but I thought of my friend and continued, “Open the register and give me the money!”
“Okay, please just don’t shoot me. I have a wife and grand-children!” The cashier said. I looked at his nametag. It said Robb Phillips. After he emptied the register he looked at me and said, “Here’s the money. Please take it and don’t shoot me.” I felt terrible. All through high school the worst I had done was attempt to skip English. Then the unexpected happened. The cashier looked at me and said, “Why are you doing this?”
I looked back and said, “Sometimes good people have to do bad things.” As I got back in my car and drove off, I heard sirens going off. They were a distant whisper at first, but they got closer and closer to me until they were an angry roar of sound.
Then I heard, “Pull over! We know what you did! Pull the vehicle over immediately!”
I couldn’t stop now. My best friend’s life was at stake. I stepped on the gas so hard that my foot almost went through the floorboard. My car could only go so fast, and the police were catching up very quickly.
“Pull over immediately, or we will use force.” That didn’t stop me. I just pressed on the gas and my speedometer climbed to ninety-five mph. As I sped up and turned a corner, I hit an SUV head on and flipped my car. When I was finally able to crawl out of the car I noticed that I was surrounded by at least twenty police officers and an ambulance. I had cut my face open in five different spots. Three of which were gushing blood. I could see my blood on the ground along with some flesh and broken glass. What happened next was a bit of a blur. The only thing I know for sure was I would never see my friend again. When I woke up in the hospital felt like the SUV that hit my car hit me in the face instead. I had to get thirty stitches total. I had ten in one wound, eleven in another, and nine in my third. When I saw the nurse I asked her where I was and she looked at me and said,
“Snowy Mountain City is where you are, and you’ll be here for a long time for what you did.” After she said that I remembered how I had held up that poor man’s convenient store. I asked the nurse if I could talk to a police officer she looked at me as if I’d killed someone and said,
“I’ll get him.” After she left the room I heard her whispering to the police officer about what they were going to do to me.
“I think you need to lock him up for at least ten years for what he did to my father.”
“Look, we can’t give him an unjust trial just because he robbed your father’s convenient store.”
“If someone did this to your father, you would probably be a little more obliged to give him a longer sentence,” she was starting to cry, “I just didn’t think something like this would happen to me.”
“I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t do something unjust no matter the circumstance. I’m sorry.”

The cop walked in and asked me, “What do you want?”
“I want to know how long I will have to stay in prison.”
“Son, for what you did, you should be in prison for a minimum of two years. But, knowing the judge, you will probably do at least three.”
“Thank you.” After I said that the officer just walked out of the room without saying a word to me. I turned over and looked out the window. Outside it was raining, and maybe sleeting. My trial was in three days. Quite frankly, I couldn’t do anything due to the fact of my face hurting so much. On the day of my trail, I got sentenced to one year in prison. I was shocked.
I was taken to prison that afternoon. It wasn’t bad at first, but the thing is that I got into a fight with a man twice my size in the cafeteria. All it took was one punch from that guy and I was out cold. The last thing I remember was hitting him in the stomach, turning around and attempting to leave, he hit me in the back of the head, knocking me out… For three days.
When I woke up all I could see was a flickering light outside of the rusted cage they call a prison cell. I got up and went over to the bars.
"Hey! Hello, I need someone! I need new sheets! Hello?" No one answered my call. Usually someone came over and yelled at me. I looked around again, still no one. "I need new sheets! Hello?" I pushed on the bars. To my disbelief they opened. I went outside and down the hallway. Blood was all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. As I turned the corner, I saw the most gruesome sight I'd ever seen. The warden was now just a mangled heap of guts and blood. His leg was broken with a bone protruding from his mangled flesh, or what was left of it anyway. I saw shards of his skull stuck into the sides of the walls. His left arm and both of his eyes were completely missing. The smell was horrible. I looked around for a flashlight. Much to my dismay it was inside of his left eye socket. I picked it up and turned it on. When I turned around I saw a creature squatting in a corner an eating the warden's innards. It saw me. I turned to run and the creature jumped on top of my body and started trying to claw my eyes out.
I punched it in the mouth until it spat out all of its teeth. It stumbled back and I got up and started to run away when it started coming for me again. This thing just didn't quit. It had pissed me off. I punched it in the head so hard and fast my fist went through its face and out the back of its head. I was in such disbelief at what I'd just done that the creature stood with my fist through its head for at least five minutes. When I pulled my fist out of its head I brought its brains out with my hand. When I turned it over I realized it was a human. I turned away and vomited all over the place. After I threw up I walked out of the prison onto the streets of Snowy Mountain City.

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