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by Mayora
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1564003
Who is the man in white in the finish line?
“Securing My Movements”

By Lizelle T. Tabaquero

I’m now standing in the starting line of my different life. Some strangers are beside me and right now I am wearing my favorite white jersey. At my back, my last name is written with the number 02. My rubber shoes is not brand new but I took cared for it for a long time.

As I heard someone shouts the word “ready”, I immediately positioned my feet. From here in this road, I can’t stop looking from far away. There are no running vehicles and no people walking in the sidewalk. You know what? I am in a marathon without knowing it.

Get set… Go! … “I heard those words , so I run as fast as I can when I realized that everyone is running for their life. No one wants to chase us but I can feel that if we don’t run we will be hurt and loose something very important in our heart.

I’m slower than them…. “what’s wrong with me? Am I lack of faith? Does it mean that my strengths are worthless?” Now I know, I am tired of everything. There is no reason for me to go further. Maybe this is the right time to give up all things that I am fighting for.

…but when I am starting to run slowly like a tired horse, I heard someone shouts for me. “Run Lizelle, run for me!” I don’t know who said that but I think he gave me a reason why I should continue what I have started.

So I run like Forrest Gump. I closed my eyes to concentrate well. I can feel the wind in my body and it relaxes my whole soul while moving in the rhythm of nature’s air. I don’t see those who want to block my way, even the one way road to where I should be. Well, I just run like a unicorn with peace.

While I am imagining that I was in the clouds of paradise, I remember how I love the world, people, my teachers, friends, relatives, siblings, caring mother, hard working father, and hurtful enemies. “Oh, how lucky I am! “ However, I forgot someone. Is he the one who gives me reason?

Before the finish line my eyes is now open. I saw someone wearing a white long clothe with a joyful smile. Those who firstly arrived kneel at him. As I approached him, I am totally amazed. He is no other than the almighty father. “ If you love all of my creations then you love me too.” He said.

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