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How to solve a small problem - women.

It is a well known fact, that there are too many women in ratio to men on this world. It is also a well known fact, if the lady of the house is not happy; there is no happiness in that house. Ergo; if the women in a country are not happy - that country is not happy. Now it becomes a global factor, we have an unhappy world. This cannot be.

Eventually, this state of affairs will perpetuate in a situation where the women will take over the world, as the few men will be so busy ‘ keeping his woman happy’, that effectively, the men will disappear from active society.

Now this cannot be. Anarchy will reign; things will go wrong so quickly. How many scorned women will we have, far too many. And we know the saying ‘Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.’ We will have frustrated, scorned, unhappy women running countries. Think of all the evil plans that will see the light of day.
Remember Samson and Delilah, The strongest of men. Gone, done in, for very little reason.

Men, I think we should start to worry.

I have given this dilemma some serious time and thought. - I do have a solution - We can at least reduce the seriousness of the situation .Remove a large potion of the threat and at the same time, make this a better world for all.

All men must have five wives, not more or less. Just five - This will improve the situation which is of such great importance that to delay would be folly. As soon as is possible, this law should be instated.

Why five?

Simple - consider these facts;

Women were created for man. Somewhere in all of this creation, someone forgot to explain very clearly to womankind, what to honor and serve really meant. Never before Eve was there any idea such as ' woman ’.
No equivalent creation. She was totally a new concept, created to fill a void. Therefore, the meaning of - to honor and serve - was not clear. This has caused many a minor as well as major skirmishes between the sexes.
In fact, it is known as the – Battle of the Sexes – going on since the beginning of time, with no end in sight.

When one woman gets a man; she will mould him, change him, train him, improve him sometimes (behind every successful man - is a more successful woman) and fight with him till there is peace. Peace is that state where there is nothing to fight about anymore, i.e. she got her way. No happiness either, because there is no more work to do, and we all know about idle hands.

If there are two women in the house, the following will happen. The more senior woman will nag the poor man to the end of his tether, he will hear, day and night about his shortsightedness of choice ‘she can’t this or that, etc.’
Worse - the women will agree and band together against the poor man, his end is in sight.

Then there should not be three women, oh no! Two women will bond together and war upon the other woman as well as upon the master of the house, the poor man will have no way of trying to keep peace in this household, hence, no happiness. Mission impossible.

Now for the interesting combination of four women. This will guarantee chaos and a world war could be a Sunday picnic compared. Two women will side against the other two women, alliances will be broken, total uncontrolled mayhem with no peace or happiness in sight here. Poor man.

The solution; five women - the happy number. The reason is simple, it is so easy to solve all ails in this dilemma. Two women will side together, this is normal. Rarely will a third woman be allowed into such a woman-ship .The other two women will bond together in their alliance. The odd woman out will wheel and deal, trust will be broken, new bonds made, this will be the standard behavior till one day, one lady will put her stamp of authority on the title ; Queen Bee. Then a sort of understanding will arise from this entire power struggle. Peace!

Oh, the poor man, not so poor anymore, for there will always be an odd one out who will be on his side. He, of course, will have to work harder to maintain this standard of living. The man will be so busy keeping all of his household happy that time for silliness will disappear, he will have no reason to ‘look’ around and I will suggest that such an idea will be very foolhardy, one peed off wife is one thing, but five!

The world will have 400 % less women to be concerned about. Men in government can relax; they can create new laws for this new situation. Men of this world should take note, already there are women getting ready to ‘burn Rome while the men are fiddling around.’ No names will be mentioned, A few of them are already peed off as it is.

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