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Childhood favorite toy.
As a mother to a 20 month old little girl, Stinky Pinky has been a very important part of our lives. This beloved teddy was given to our daughter by my Godmother (you know who you are) and has been a treasured friend ever since! Everywhere my daughter goes, Stinky is sure to follow. He is usually fairly dirty - hence the name - and is starting to get somewhat tattered. I try not to wash him too much as I do not want to contribute to his demise. In his early days, you could stretch out his legs and a beautiful lullaby would emit from this tender animal. Well, after a few cycles in the wash - Stinky no longer sings. He has also lost his delicate shimmery bow tie. This has fortunately had no bearing on our daughter's love for her dear SP. So as the days go by, and as we frequent restaurants, friend's houses, etc. we always make sure Stinky is in tow before leaving. And in the meantime - we are madly hunting his body double with hopes of an unnoticed switch-a-roo should the unfathomable happen!
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