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A Girl, http: //www.geocities.com/mat_group/ , by T. J. Shemaly
While she was standing alone
with bare feet in this harsh and cold
'Roses, Roses, enlighten your heart'
she used to shout selling out her gold
But who cares in the world of agony
to share a laughter amongst the horde
Yet, she stands with her dreamy eyes
of a better morrow and of roses sold

'O visitor of the troublesome lands,
what a misfortune lead you into these?
Stranger I knew you from the heavy eyes
and its direct looks into the face of fears
Amazed of my poverty or my richness?
no fortune but Oh how rich I am with tears'
This, she said with a blue heaven above
she kept looking at with a face this heart tears

And when the explosions roam the ears
I went to look into the dreamy eyes of her
Yes full of dreams inspite the blackish day
inspite of the gloomy thoughts close and near
And when gathered the power to ask for a name
with a tongue paralyzed for a wonder and a tear
She replied sweetly in an emotion out of guilts
I am an iraqi girl sir, if that what you wanted to stir
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