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Hitchhiking can be dangerous. (Flash Fiction)
Written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge with a word limit of 300.

The prompts: This story must include a hitchhiker

Among Other Things

Her thumb was helpful, the tight shorts even more so.

She fully expected to be picked up by the first car to come along. She had been at this game for years now. A pretty girl could easily get from any point A to point B if she was willing to bait the hook.

Hitching had a lot going for it. It offered a sense of adventure among other things. If nothing else, it saved on gas.

Today’s driver was, of course, male. They always were. Set a bear trap if you wanted to catch bear. She knew which sex offered the more interesting ride, among other things.

“Where you headed little missy?”

They always called her “Little Missy.” It seemed to support their Big Strong Man to the Rescue fantasy. She always played along. There was no harm in that. Play the game and the miles fly by. Disappoint, and you find yourself walking.

She never walked.

“Why I’m heading east, just like you are.” Her dimpled cheeks were like hot fudge on a sundae. Yummy.

They drove through one and a half tanks of gas. He would make a joke, and she would laugh. He would make a thoughtful comment and she would sigh. The miles flew by.

A rest stop offered an opportunity he could not resist. Following her into an isolated Women’s room in the middle of nowhere, he walked right into the knife. She always had one with her, among other things. She pulled a hefty bag and small saw out of her purse. She worked quickly, not wanting to waste the fading daylight.

An hour later, in the passenger seat of a big rig, she smiled up at her hero of the moment and answered, “Why I’m heading west, just like you are.”

Word count 300

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