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Women are asking to be raped! Husbands pass deadly diseases to inncent wives.
Report you’re raped & get killed or imprisoned!

In the Sharia Law – those who commit adultery are to be put to death, most often by hanging, beheading or stoning
The burden of avoiding non-marital sexual encounters, of any sort, is placed on the woman. Under Sharia Law, sexual assault, or rape, can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if no less than four male witnesses come forward to testify to the rape having occurred. Because women are worth less than men seldom are they willing to testify against another man. The testimony of a woman in courts of law that use Sharia as their basis for justice recognizes the testimony of women as only half that of a man
Women who allege they have been raped, are actually confessing to having had sex outside of their marriage. Or, they do not confess to have committed adultery as the rapist does not confess to his crime nor are there 4 men who will testify to the rape. They are put to death by stoning or beheading or hanging in those countries where Sharia law is follwed.
IN the other countries, if she cannot produce these four witnesses, or 8 women witnesses she is often charged with adultery or fornication and is imprisoned herself. In Pakistan 75 percent or more of the women in prison are victims of rape. To report a rape may mean nothing more than a confession of guilt. Little is done to investigate the charges. Can you imagine the chagrin of women who reports a rape at a police station to seek justice and to her dismay finds that she is put in jail for committing fornication or adultery?

Women were asking to be raped?

In a number of western countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, there have been a large increase in the rape of non-Muslim women. Some of them are as young as a 13 years old. Such a Swedish girl was gang raped by 5 Kurds. The rapists call their Australian victims “sluts” or “Aussie pigs.” A Lebanese Sheik Faiz Mohammed blamed the women themselves for wearing skimpy clothing which invites men to rape them. In Copenhagen, Islamic mufti Shahid Mehdi declared that women who did not wear a head scarf were asking to be raped!
What is the psychology behind all these rapes? (Someone has written that most of the men who rape had the name of Mohammed.) Does the answer lies in the example of their leade? They think that Rape was permitted and encouraged by him. Rape is of course a part of jihad. It is a part of war. The women captured in battle were raped and the husbands humiliated and killed.
Their leader a battle of Khaybar distributed the spoils of the war.. One warrior, Dihya requested him that he be given a slave girl from the captives. He chose a woman name Safiyya. Her husband had been captured, tortured and killed. Later when he was told to take another girl from the captives and the girl in question was appropriated by the leader himself. He freed her and married her upon her agreement to convert to Islam. That night she was dressed in a wedding dress and Mohammed consummated the marriage. He husband was tortured and killed just that day! May be she had to be raped n her extreme sorrow.

Husbands give Innocent Wives deadly diseases

In the Arab countries women are perceived as the private property of the men. A man can buy as many wives as he can afford. Even when there are many wives there a number of wealthy Arabs who enter into temporary marriages with very young women. Of course they will be compensated for their ‘service’ These hapless women will have to remain unmarried as no follower of this religion wants to marry a woman enjoyed by another. Further, many of these men go London or Paris or Moscow to live with white ladies on whom many of them have a craze. All the time the wives back home will be waiting patiently for the arrival of their husband confined within the four walls of the house delivering and bringing up children. Many of these children grow up without even seeing their father.
They cannot go out without the Purdhah drive or take up employment. When they return from their foreign sojourns they may have contracted some deadly diseases and they will pass the same to their innocent wives.
In many of the Arab homes there are jail-like rooms where a disobedient wife is kept under solitary confinement. She is not provided with food or water and the husband occasionally goes in to kick, beat and push her against the walls. The poor woman suffers the ordeal and prays Allah to give her deliverance from this life.

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