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Rated: E · Poetry · Animal · #1571300
This is about a nurse taking care of an injured baby bird.
The Nurse
by Barbara Lynn Terry
Sunday, June 14, 2009
Rated "G" by the Author.
Nursing is one of the most thankless jobs in the world, and I want to take this moment to thank each and every one for what they do. Thank you.

The Nurse
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Dedicated to all medical nurses everywhere.

A little girl sees an injured baby bird,
she runs to get her mommy who will
help make the baby bird better.

The mother goes to see how inured the
baby bird really is. She picks the baby
bird up gently with both hands and
takes it in the house.

She lays the baby bird on a sheet of
newspaper, and examines the wing,
only to find out that the poor baby
bird also has an injured leg. She tells her
daughter to watch the baby bird.

She goes and gets a roll of gauze and
surgical tape. With very swift movement
the mother bandages the wing and the
leg, and then puts the baby bird in a
cardboard box. But she sees there is
something missing.

She goes outside and collects grass and
twigs, and makes a small nest for the baby
bird to lie in. Then she gets out an empty
can and goes out to find a couple of worms
so the baby bird has something to eat. She
finds the worms, and comes back in and tries
to feed them to the baby bird.

But the baby bird doesn't take them. Then she
remembers that the mother bird always chews
them so they are soft for her babies. Making a
ewwwww face, she chews the worm and offers
it to the baby bird, who takes it hungrily. As she
watches the baby bird eat the first worm, and then
the second, she wonders just how long the poor
baby bird had laid in the grass before it was found.

"Mommy, when you go to work, do you bandage
up the people you take care of?"
"Yes dear, sometimes."
"Do you make sure they are well before you come home?"
"Yes dear, I always make sure the people I take
care of are well before I come home."
She gave her daughter and hug and a kiss because
she knew that someday this little girl would either be a doctor or a nurse like her.
Even when they aren't taking care of the sick,
they are taking care of other of God's creatures
making sure they are well too.

© 2009 by Barbara Lynn Terry

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